How do I find out my ConterStrike SteamID or Non SteamID ?

How do i find out my CS steam ID or Non Steam ID ?

If you are not sure how to find out your own HL/CS steam ID please follow the steps below.

1.Connect to any Half-life/Counterstrike server.

2.Open your console (by the default key `other check your settings)

3.Type Status into your Console window.

4.Your steam ID will be shown next to your nickname.

5.It is the key with "STEAM_" in front.

for example the Non steam ID on this above screenshot is

for example the steam ID on the screenshot for same process will be
"STEAM_0:2:12345" .

Enjoy playing Counterstrike Game . . .


  1. Thanks for the tip, it is really useful for me!

  2. Its pleasure to help you RON

  3. hey its giving valve id

  4. Read the above instructions and try it again. you will get it for sure.
    or still having prob contact me

  5. Thanks :) It was really helpful for me^^