Latest PC Games 2013,2014 - Get Ready for Entertainment and Thrill

                    Latest PC Games - Get Ready for Entertainment and Thrill

Do you want to dive into the pool of gaming world and want to experience the new gaming wonders; here are the latest PC games to play.

Here i present you some of the most awaited/upcoming games of the 2013.

Command and Conquer 2013 : 

Developed by BioWare Victory this video game is a real-time strategy game. The present game is AAA Frostbite 2 Powered Game. Story revolves around world war where earth is infected by Tiberium.  The present game named as Command and Conquer: Generals 2 which is a free-to-play game.  


SimCity is the latest video game which is going to be released on March 5, 2013. Developed by Will Wight and published by Maxis SimCity first hit the market in 1989. The present version is the sixth in a row after the success of the previous versions.  In SimCity game user will be given an opportunity to build and develop a city by maintaining happiness of civilians with low budget.

Crysis 3:

German video game company Crytek is scheduled to release Crysis 3 on February 19, 2003. Crysis 3 is a third in a row in the series of Crysis games.  It is a first person shooter video game trilogy.  The story is all about future where a massive structure constructed by aliens discovered underneath the fictional Lingshan Islands near East Philippines.  You will play the game as US Army Officer Jake Dunn with the sign name Nomad.  Nomad is armed with futuristic equipment and weapons called Nano suit. In the newly launched game you will take revenge and save humanity.  You will fight through New York Liberty Dome’s seven wonders.

Dead Space 3:

Developed by EA Redwood Shores for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows Dead Space 3 is a horror 3rd person shooter video game. The present game is a third in a row after the success of previous versions.  The game is all about an engineer Isaac Clarke who fights with Necromorphs who were created from alien virus in the mining ship USG Ishimura. Dead Space 3 deals with unleashing secrete behind Necromorph outbreak.  In the newly launched game engineer Isaac Clarke and solider John Carver will land on frozen planet of Tau Volantis to put an end to outbreak.

Battlefield 3:

The story is takes place in New York and Iran where army officer Sergeant Henry Blackburn fights in the battlefield with enemies. The present game is third in the series of Battlefield original version which were developed by EA Digital Illusions CE

Most of the games are upcoming games mentioned above and they are yet to be announced.

If you want to experience the above amazing games, you can download them now. 

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Love Marriage that changed the Attitude..!!

All are saying their opinion about the love marriage and arranged marriage.

Now i'll not say all that part, what i want to share with you is the love marriage that changed the attitude.This is not a story or a fake story but it has happened few months ago with my close pal.

Love Marriage that changed the Attitude..!!

It was as usual a cute love between one couple but that lead to huge difficulties and problems they faced after.
It happened like this when they were in the college doing B.Sc Degree they both were friends first then slowly friendship became Love.They both were a bright students in their college and after few years they completed degree and had a gap between them.
The boy was doing MCA PG Degree and as a part time he used to teach class's to the children of 8-10 grade.
Since they both were not meeting each other and  one day they met each other but unfortunately some of the girl's relatives saw with that boy this love matter had reached to the girls parents and they started searching a match for the girl.Fixed to arrange a match and make a arranged marriage for her.

Even the boy has expressed his feeling with his parents but as usual parents said a big NO.As she was a low caste girl and they disagreed.Even the girl parents don't want to get his child married to other caste.

I don't know who introduced the Caste system but if i was present at the time when it was introduced i used to give that person a left and right hits on his face.Otherwise with out that caste system India would be a far developed country a long back instead of a developing country.Due to that dumb fellow who invented this caste system made all this problems for all the people of India.

Reservations and all took birth due to this idiotic caste system, i can imagine a India with out a caste system but that was in my dream.With out any caste things,just treated as a human beings and the equal rights for every one and was a happy thing in world.Hope this will be in next generations at-least.

When the girl parents came to know about the love matter they sent a gang to beat up the guy and rounded him one day when no was there and beat him badly.Then after the girl parents are trying to make a match for her the girl then boy has done a wrong step.

Then after boy has took the girl away and kept at a friends home only when the girl has agreed for that he has done that.And then the girl parents had took police help and found her.They warned him to forget the girl and leave her alone.Again he was beaten up badly even after that he never forgot the girl.

One night they both ran away from home this time fully planned and fully precautionary steps about the last time faults.No phone contacts,no address for anyone they both went away and the girl parents filed a police complaint on the boy parents and that made his father and brother into the custody of police.

His father and brother were taken to police station and his brother was beaten up to tell the truth but how he can say when he doesn't know anything about his elder brother.Then they gave him 1week time to get them and handover to them.But no use weeks passed,months passed away but no information on the couple.Then the boy father said to his family that our elder son no more for us ,all of you forget him even he is alive forget him think he is dead.He said all this because he loved a girl and went against his wish.

Even  police didn't left his friends they tortured the friends of the couple but the friends are friends right they didn't utter a single word.

Even police couldn't find them that much prepared they went and finally one day the information has received that they were in a place called warangal working as a teachers in that school.They were earning there by teaching and the girl parents and police went to that place.
They were at the school gate and couldn't enter beyond that gate since he got all the support from that area and he build his support.The girl parents couldn't do anything & even police since she was a major.

Then all of them stepped back and left and the girl parents signed for taking back of the case filed on the boy parents.

His mother was till then angry then by that incident even she changed and convinced his husband.At-last the boy fathers heart melted down and asked his boy to come home.

Then recently they came home and they accepted his marriage and now living happily in their own home.
After all this high drama the story ends in a happy ending and by this i want to say is that a love marriage has changed the mindset of the people who don't agree love marriages in past but not any more.

I want to conclude and end my pen by saying that loving is not a sin,if parents would have agreed he would have not faced this many problems,Fathers and mothers my request is that understand your child feelings and  talked with him don't go wild.Please think i hope this real article have lighten up some minds.

For the love and dedication he showed in her girl to achieve her and marry her.This should be taken has a positive way like if we want anything we should die hard working to get that thing the end result will automatically a fruit for sure.The above words says it all.So parents please support your children.

Finally i will say Love Marriage that changed the Attitude..!!

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Hyderabad Indiblogger's Meet - 2012

Tring Tring Hello
Me: Hello Satish
Satish : Yes Sampath,What about going to the Indiblogger meet ?
Me: Yeah Sure.It would be nice time pass and pleasure meeting our city bloggers.
Satish: OK then we will go together.
Me: Fine.

We have met each other and started our journey to blogger's meet.But rain started pouring heavily and instead were very much interested in going and we continued to banjara hills where our meeting was being held.
It was scheduled @16:00PM and we are already late due to this rain.I was thinking may be all the registered bloggers have come and we already late.

Then we reached almost our destination and was confused to which CafeCoffeeDay we have to go ?
Then we asked one citizen over there & he guided us and we started to his suggestions and end result he misguided us..I was just thinking Damn this made even more late.

We loved to get wet and drenched in the rain and finally we got in to blogger's meet place and saw some gathered people and we confirmed and joined with them :).

I was surprised only few came sitting there in this meeting but all of them are senior in age to me we introduced each other and then they started sharing ideas about the next meet so i kept silent and listening to them.
We jotted down our blog links and social network Id's and talked our blog's.We started introduction with our senior citizen in the meeting. 

The Gardener at 60 Mrs.Pattu raj was an very simple woman and her enthusiasm in speaking was amazing and thrilled me.She was a retired employee.With all experiences she had been successful and recently about her a small article was published in sakshi newspaper. 
That was all about our Senior blogger.I like to call her The Amazing at 60.

Then its the Special blogger and a special invite to Hyderabad blogger meet from a chennai blogosphere.She is non other than Bhavana (Tilling the EarthWoman).
She had so much interest in coming down to hyderabad right from chennai.That was very inspiring for me.It was for me oh my God.I can't believe she just came for attending a blogger's meet right from chennai.It was really amazing and we gave a big round of applause for that great commitment and interest in coming to our meet.
Bhavana & Pattu Raj
Next is our Subho (Subho's Jejuine Diet).He was also one of the good speakers among our group.He writes about the parental guiding,time management and many important things.He has many blogs and each of them as its special in it.
He says he was a master in making different Tea and he tasted different brands.Then when he ordered for a darjeeling tea @CCD.
I got a thought why don't i try then even i ordered for the same tea.And result it was a different experience it was a different tea experience but was good.Thanks to Subho for that :)

Sandeep and Subho
Next Comes our smiling guy Sandeep you can see the nice picture of him in the above picture.He spoke very little but delivered nice points for our ideas in meeting next meet.
He cracks his writeups at Crack the Sky.He has his own writing style.It was nice meeting him.

Now let me introduce the man behind all this successful meet and responsible for making this meet happen and he is Gautam a software engineer at Infosys.I am very thankful to gautam because it was a dream to go for a blogger's meet and that was done by the help of gautam work.So was very grateful to take up such a thought and i gave my thanks to him.

Satish, Divenita & Gautam

Here comes the Divenita from the Restless fingers and she was an energetic young lady.Has a specialism of writing nice poems and a free lancer.Connections with the media,publishing groups and what not all the important connections that are helpful.

Now comes the Tech Geek The CoolPcTips Satish.He is a very close friend of mine we both study from same college he is doing his PG and i am junior to him as i recently completed my UG.He has an awesome tech website totally updated to new stuff and new gadgets in the world today.
He has been maintaining his site ranking in 40k alexa with page rank 5.If you have any doubt regarding blogs,gadgets,SEO anything he will help you with out any hesitation.
Satish with Shankari's mam Daughter

Now Its my turn i don't know what to talk about me :-p.I am a Gamer who writes at GamingGarage.I say apart from studies gaming is also necessary to live in this world.
You may think this non sense but its proved by many surveys.Gaming improves in building up your reflex actions and to think beyond anything.For example playing some games like Counterstrike it helps in being alert and improve reflex's.
So i can proudly say that i am a GAMER :-D.
Sampath friends call me Sam
Last but not least here comes the woman Shankari she writes at Oh, i juggle. She came with her 9months old baby,elder daughter and also with her hubby.She was so sweet in talking and she was so nice of her because that day it was raining all evening & she gave me a lift in her car to my place and was helpful.I am very much thankful to you.Talking to her children and her husband was very nice and ending it with her family made my day.

Lastly we all had some small snacks some of them ordered for ice-cream's,Tea,etc and i ordered Chocolate fantasy with vanilla ice cream :)

The best part was we shared the bill and everyone was fighting to pay the bill and doing all the math.It was really funny.

Collected Money from all :-P

Finally to meet all these people and and for the meeting my heart full thanks to the indiblogger.Without their presence i would not have attended that meet and made a memorable day in my life.I loved to attend more and more meeting in future.


Hyderabad Bloggers Meet 2013 on this Sunday 20th JAN.

VenueHere it comes, Hyderabad Bloggers Meet 2013

Place :  ITC Kakatiya  *

Address: Greenlands, Begumpet.

Event: This sunday  20th at 5pm-8pm.

Invited Only: So Guys who are invited see you all again on this Sunday.:)



"The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game" is Now on XBox-360,Android,iOS,PS3

Yesterday the official game trailer of the Spider man series has been released.Gameloft has launched the game trailer on the youtube and the video is really good.

By the trailer we can clearly say that the graphics are high end and the characters are very clear with each and every description.

The Game missions are going to the thrill the ipad, iphone(iOS) and android users because of its immense game characters in it.

The official release of  "The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game" will be on JUNE 28th 2012

Source: ' They say that there will be more missions and increase in the number of  levels.This will hit the android market and ios market very soon and rock the gaming world.

Before the release of the movie 'The Amazing Spider-Man' the game is going to be launched and hit the pad the android devices.Few sources say that film story will be the game story not officially revealed but we should wait and  see till June 28th'.

Personally eagerly am waiting to hands on to the game on my galaxy note game version and experience its game play.

Since Gameloft is the developer we can imagine the awesomeness of the gameplay.I am very must excited to play it.

Ofcourse i know you gamers are also waiting like me only so why waiting ios users and android users check out this awesome game trailer of The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game.

 Download Now..!!!
(Provided with links Down here)

Some of the screen Shots of the Game. :)




Sammy : Trying Call to ask kyra for summer hangout !!..
Kyra : Yes Kyra here.
Sammy:Yo this is Sammy.How are you ?
Kyra: Hi Sammy am fine hope you are also.What's up ?
Sammy: Let go out for a nice hangout in this summer.What do u say ?
Kyra: Wow  that's a good idea.Sure we will go.
Sammy: Then lets meet at my spot. see u there.

Sammy was very happy because Kyra had agreed for his request.Kyra a bubbly girl with a cool attitude always fun loving.So i had planned to take her out in this summer to chilling spots in my area.She need not worry about the sun and the Uv rays since i gifted her the secret ingredient for summer protection.That's nothing but lakme sun protection things.

Kyra finally arrived and we started to chill out the sun and have a mind blowing hangout with me in this summer.I first wanted to take her for a long drive on my bike 'Harley Davidson' :).You can imagine long drive on bike how will it be i can say it will be rocking and thrilling moment for everyone so i would do that first to impress kyra.
Long drive to some hill areas like srisailam and plain long roads & the jungle around us would be awesome.
Seriously the long drive to that area will be an awesome one.Since i already had one experience to that place on my bike from hyderabad. It will be a 600km trip and that will thrill kyra alot.

1st plan to take kyra a Long Drive to srisailam

Just check out the road isn't it impressive.
Yeah that's why i would thrill her by taking her to a long drive then coming back 
next day to my place in the early morning i will be showing her the beautiful 
sunrise to kyra. 

Then i will give a small summer surprise brunch that kyra would never had in her
life before i.e a surprise dosa MLA DOSA 
Summer special a BIG DOSA :)
Then after  having a belly full  brunch i would take her for another surprise i.e Go KARTING.
Then after going to go kart we will have plenty full of time enjoying at that spot.We 
can dash cars have fun with our friends in that karting.
We can bet for a silly race against our friends in that go kart and have lots of fun.
By that i guess Kyra would be elated alot. :D
A idea of Go Karting with kyra
After a cool race with kyra then will again shift to some cool place in my area which 
spends a lot of time and feel her heart with lots of happiness.
We will visit many amusement parks and some historic places that will make her 

Golconda a Historic place
Then after a sight seeing event then we will go for the pool party to chill out the sun 
and enjoy allot.This is my favorite one.POOL PARTY :)

After continuous enjoying in the water and playing many water games till evening 
we will wind up and  next day we will play some beach volley ball as she loves 
playing sports & having some cool drinks.

Kyra will be very very happy by playing all these games and after that again some 
small swimming in the beach and play with ocean waters.

After playing in this ocean water then we will end the day and the summer hangout 
eating a world famous Hyderabad biryani.

Last but not least i will show her the lord budha in my city and make her day

How is it friends this will be the summer hangout plan with kyra.How is it ?
Hope my plan is satisfactory and it will make kyra happy.

Kyra this summer hangout plan by your sammy for you. Hope u liked it ;-)

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New video game for cat lovers

If you have a cat and a new iPad then you might be excited to know that Nestle Purinas Friskies brand cat food product manager decided to go a step in a new direction and create a new Friskies app back in 2011 that allows people to interact, so to speak, with their own cats. The idea was simple enough there was a screen with floating fish and while most kitties only walked by the iPad and paid no attention some saw it as an opportunity to find out what was going on with those fish on the screen and decided to throw a paw are two at it. After about 500,000 downloads of the app for Android tablets have occurred it seems that there are quite a few cat lovers that have found themselves fascinated by this game and they unveiled a seventh game for cats this past March.
Watching cats do funny things through online videos have always been something that people love to do, especially those who love cats. This is why the company believes that the latest version of the game will be perfect. It gives cat owners something different to do with their beloved pet that they normally would not be able to do play video games that is. Perhaps the cats may like playing the games so much that they will become interested in other games that feature animals on them that will be released later this summer, or perhaps not. You can never tell.  Finding something that both cats and humans can interact together in was not easy, especially when it comes to playing games on something like a computer, but that is exactly what is going on here.  The company even has a site dedicated to those who have decided to upload their videos online of them and their cats playing the game. You can even share the videos on popular social media sites like Facebook. 

Heading in this direction you will find that more companies may be doing what Friskies has done and that is offer a way for their customers to interact with their pets and their branding name online at the same time while offering something that is unique online to what they offer. With over 300,000 videos uploaded and hundreds of thousands of fans on their social media page, they decided to take it a step further and move on to YouTube.  Creating a game online that was dedicated for cats and their owners was absolutely brilliant, but now there will be other online gaming companies looking to see what they will be able to offer as for as competing with that type of ingenious thinking.  Surely there will be some new and exciting video games to be released this summer so it will be interesting to see what excitement and fun they have to offer all of those who are interested in playing online games. The best part about many online games is that you do not have to pay anything to play them, which seems to be the most popular choice for people right now as spending extra money on things like video games is not really an option. Especially when you have to buy them some cat food every couple of weeks as well.

For more Cat games Check out here click for the games.

Bio: Guest Post By Author "NirraPoret" is a freelance writer who enjoys video games.She is looking forward to play " ICE AGE 4 "new game online.


Are Hijra's(TransGender) not a Human being.?

Hijra (English called as Eunuchs) aren't they humans then why are they treated in a harsh way.What is the problem with our society.Even they are humans like we are then why cant they be treated like with others they do .I strongly condemn on this issue.After all they are also beings all should be given equal rights.

I felt very bad when i saw a incident with the boy of age around 16 wearing a saree and bangles and sindhur on his head.He was walking and the people beside him were shouting 'hey' 'hey idiot are you blind cant u keep distance between',he replied very sadly sorry.

I shredded  tears in my eyes by seeing that annoying incident,it was not his mistake to born like that then why the hell people are scolding him and keeping them aside.
Just think guys/gals if you were born with those gender problems 

what would you feel for that incident.Isn't that a harsh way.?

I say Yes.
It is not his mistake to be born like that right,so please people avoid such cases at least show some humanity, am not saying to hug them and kiss them but show some respect towards them all have some self respect and even they have.

According to Hindu mythology Hijra gender is divine because the LORD SHIVA has a avatar where Lord Shiva and Parvathi are combined and formed into one making the LORD Shiva + Parvathi= LORD Ardhanareeswara.Hijra is a form of that divine lord,there form is greater than us.
LORD Ardhanareeswara

I have a friend in the child hood he used to do all the girly things i never knew why he does that.He was used to go to the girl toilets and always used to be with girls and do girl sort of things.So We all used to            
tease him a lot by saying "girly boy".Then we came to know about the fact that he was a Eunuch.We all felt very sorry for him.Few of my friends ignored him even me,later i felt so sorry for him and left all the issues and came back to friendship.

He was very happy when i talked with him and gave him a hug and said Ramu i am there for you.Don't worry i am a friend of you right so stop being idle and sad and lets be friends again.

Then after some days he couldn't bear with our society and even his parents didn't understood his feelings and
abandon him.Then he went to Eunuch community and changed his gender.Transformed to Eunuch officially.
I was really shocked that he had changed his gender but what can he do with this society around us.
No one will help him and care about him, at least the Eunuch community will take good care of them.

Don't think Eunuch(Hijra's) are not educated so and so,if you then you might have heard wrong.The leading I.T sector has one Eunuch working in MNC companies and earning a high salary.They are very talented but our society  ignores them they not even bothered and wont encourage them to education.
Every one has right to get education right then why cant you cooperate schools or colleges give admissions to them aah ?
But you money minded people in admission bench wont understand the feeling of them,always running behind the money and thinking of the school/college reputations.Darn the fame and name every one should get the education.Every child has right to get it then why cant the "Eunuch child" aah ?

That will be A million dollar Question for the Cooperate schools and Colleges.
According to the survey i made through the google hijra[Eunuch] is not backed anywhere they are every where in all sector's.They are working in hospitals,offices and lot more.

But not all are that educated only few who get proper education from govt side education is offered free to them are working.Some are moving into the film industry and modeling.

Rest of them are begging on the roads,some working as sex workers and many mean jobs for their feeding of stomach.
Some cases are worse those who work has sex workers they are cruelly treated by the raudies(BigShot People) and punish them in a harsh way.I have read a lot of articles that really pushed me to write down this topic and want to change some thing from my side.

Please don't scold them when they beg on the roads and come near to you for asking some charity.If you have donate some but don't treat them in a harsh way or insulting way.Even they have a heart to feel bad so please stop and avoid such things with them.

Begging at the traffic signal roads 

My sincere request to all of you citizens of india that treat them as humans and accept them as one of us.Even Eunuch(Hijra) are humans please dont insult them by saying Point5(.5),TwoInone,cheka and etc.Please stop abusing them friends.They need help if you cant help then be calm no need to abuse them and treat them in a In-Decent way.

One successful story of sham alias shamala he has same problem so he changed his gender and now became a heroine in my hyderabad in telugu film industry.Sham changed to Shamala.

Sham to Shamala

working at cinema set with director

From my side when ever i saw a hijra my friend Ramu who is a hijra i remember him and donate some charity to them.Even you could do the same thing help them.

My view on this topic is that Its "Time to Change" all should be showing some respect & humanity and help them in small or big way.Avoid the hatred and untouchable sort of things.Because even they are humans right.We should show some respect for our fellow beings. I want to change this thing so i am hearing you my voice by the words above.

So Guys Its "Time to Change" even they are Humans treat them in a good way.Don't think am a Hijra am also common guy but expressing my views on what my friends has face till now.So hope you guys understood my writeup.

Thank You.
Please help them

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