Hyderabad Indiblogger's Meet - 2012

Tring Tring Hello
Me: Hello Satish
Satish : Yes Sampath,What about going to the Indiblogger meet ?
Me: Yeah Sure.It would be nice time pass and pleasure meeting our city bloggers.
Satish: OK then we will go together.
Me: Fine.

We have met each other and started our journey to blogger's meet.But rain started pouring heavily and instead were very much interested in going and we continued to banjara hills where our meeting was being held.
It was scheduled @16:00PM and we are already late due to this rain.I was thinking may be all the registered bloggers have come and we already late.

Then we reached almost our destination and was confused to which CafeCoffeeDay we have to go ?
Then we asked one citizen over there & he guided us and we started to his suggestions and end result he misguided us..I was just thinking Damn this made even more late.

We loved to get wet and drenched in the rain and finally we got in to blogger's meet place and saw some gathered people and we confirmed and joined with them :).

I was surprised only few came sitting there in this meeting but all of them are senior in age to me we introduced each other and then they started sharing ideas about the next meet so i kept silent and listening to them.
We jotted down our blog links and social network Id's and talked our blog's.We started introduction with our senior citizen in the meeting. 

The Gardener at 60 Mrs.Pattu raj was an very simple woman and her enthusiasm in speaking was amazing and thrilled me.She was a retired employee.With all experiences she had been successful and recently about her a small article was published in sakshi newspaper. 
That was all about our Senior blogger.I like to call her The Amazing at 60.

Then its the Special blogger and a special invite to Hyderabad blogger meet from a chennai blogosphere.She is non other than Bhavana (Tilling the EarthWoman).
She had so much interest in coming down to hyderabad right from chennai.That was very inspiring for me.It was for me oh my God.I can't believe she just came for attending a blogger's meet right from chennai.It was really amazing and we gave a big round of applause for that great commitment and interest in coming to our meet.
Bhavana & Pattu Raj
Next is our Subho (Subho's Jejuine Diet).He was also one of the good speakers among our group.He writes about the parental guiding,time management and many important things.He has many blogs and each of them as its special in it.
He says he was a master in making different Tea and he tasted different brands.Then when he ordered for a darjeeling tea @CCD.
I got a thought why don't i try then even i ordered for the same tea.And result it was a different experience it was a different tea experience but was good.Thanks to Subho for that :)

Sandeep and Subho
Next Comes our smiling guy Sandeep you can see the nice picture of him in the above picture.He spoke very little but delivered nice points for our ideas in meeting next meet.
He cracks his writeups at Crack the Sky.He has his own writing style.It was nice meeting him.

Now let me introduce the man behind all this successful meet and responsible for making this meet happen and he is Gautam a software engineer at Infosys.I am very thankful to gautam because it was a dream to go for a blogger's meet and that was done by the help of gautam work.So was very grateful to take up such a thought and i gave my thanks to him.

Satish, Divenita & Gautam

Here comes the Divenita from the Restless fingers and she was an energetic young lady.Has a specialism of writing nice poems and a free lancer.Connections with the media,publishing groups and what not all the important connections that are helpful.

Now comes the Tech Geek The CoolPcTips Satish.He is a very close friend of mine we both study from same college he is doing his PG and i am junior to him as i recently completed my UG.He has an awesome tech website totally updated to new stuff and new gadgets in the world today.
He has been maintaining his site ranking in 40k alexa with page rank 5.If you have any doubt regarding blogs,gadgets,SEO anything he will help you with out any hesitation.
Satish with Shankari's mam Daughter

Now Its my turn i don't know what to talk about me :-p.I am a Gamer who writes at GamingGarage.I say apart from studies gaming is also necessary to live in this world.
You may think this non sense but its proved by many surveys.Gaming improves in building up your reflex actions and to think beyond anything.For example playing some games like Counterstrike it helps in being alert and improve reflex's.
So i can proudly say that i am a GAMER :-D.
Sampath friends call me Sam
Last but not least here comes the woman Shankari she writes at Oh, i juggle. She came with her 9months old baby,elder daughter and also with her hubby.She was so sweet in talking and she was so nice of her because that day it was raining all evening & she gave me a lift in her car to my place and was helpful.I am very much thankful to you.Talking to her children and her husband was very nice and ending it with her family made my day.

Lastly we all had some small snacks some of them ordered for ice-cream's,Tea,etc and i ordered Chocolate fantasy with vanilla ice cream :)

The best part was we shared the bill and everyone was fighting to pay the bill and doing all the math.It was really funny.

Collected Money from all :-P

Finally to meet all these people and and for the meeting my heart full thanks to the indiblogger.Without their presence i would not have attended that meet and made a memorable day in my life.I loved to attend more and more meeting in future.


Hyderabad Bloggers Meet 2013 on this Sunday 20th JAN.

VenueHere it comes, Hyderabad Bloggers Meet 2013

Place :  ITC Kakatiya  *

Address: Greenlands, Begumpet.

Event: This sunday  20th at 5pm-8pm.

Invited Only: So Guys who are invited see you all again on this Sunday.:)



  1. :) Lovely. Liked it. Like a replay.

  2. Sampath, Last to write about the meet,and the best!Thanks.

  3. Thank you Guys.Divenita,Vetrimagal thnx for the comment:)

  4. @Vetrimagal: I was busy in preparing for my exams so it was late..:X
    Anyway thanks for the compliment.

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    1. Yes i have come across your site few days back. When i saw a meet by your website members.
      Its good to see you on my blog.
      Even though its a marketing comment. Appreciate