Xbox One vs PS4

Next Generation Console Enhancements


While many avid gamers have their fingers crossed in the hope of unwrapping a shiny new Playstation 4 or Xbox One on Christmas morning, pre-order customers have been lucky enough to have their hands on the next generation consoles since mid to end November now.

While these two giants have been going up against one another since the release of the first Xbox console in 2001, the hardware, features and general functionalities of each of the next-gen consoles has improved immensely over just three generations, spanning well over ten years.

While both Sony and Microsoft have brought some extremely impressive improvements to the new consoles, many gamers are still on the fence regarding which console to opt for.
Let’s take a look at a couple of the more noticeable improvements made to the next generation consoles, and how they could affect future gameplay! For a fullconsole comparison check out this handy rundown we found.


Both consoles have made improvements to their motion sensor control features, but only the Xbox One includes their sensor (Kinect 2) with the console upon purchase, while the PS4 ‘EYE’ & PS Move requires additional purchase. Perhaps this can go some way to explaining Xbox higher price tag.

Features such as facial recognition help speed up the signing in/out process and make for a ‘futuristic’ feeling during the first few times using the consoles!
While both consoles do feature effective voice control functionality, only the PS4 offers Bluetooth connectivity for use with other devices.


As we’re sure you’re aware, both the Xbox One and PS4 have made changes to their appearance and functionality of their control pads; some small and some more radical.

For many, the Xbox 360 controller was one of the best controllers ever designer. It sat nicely in the hand of the player, and the spaced-out locations of the analogue sticks made for a more comfortable gaming session.  For their new console, Xbox have made enhancements to their controllers responsiveness, replacing the old D-Pad with a newer and more accurate model as well as adding additional rumble packs around the pad, including under the triggers for much more engaging gameplay.

Playstation 2 paved the way into dual anagolge stick control gameplay, with their introduction of the dual shock controller. This joypad was a huge improvement on its Playstation 1 predecessor and featured a shiny new analogue control system that really paved the way for a more accurate and responsive console gaming experience.

The PS4 however shows Platstation’s intent to reinvent the wheel once again, wing the introduction of a touch-sensitive pad for a more ‘hands on’ gaming experience. We’ve seen only a few examples of this in use so far, but it’s responsiveness seems more than capable of making this feature a huge part of future gameplay on the PS4.

So there we have a quick look at the next generation consoles and just a handful of the enhancements that have been made.

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