"Modern Combat 3 : Fallen Nation" Coming Soon!!

Hy Guys Good news for the FPS game lovers a new mobile fps app is going to release preety soon in this fall.Just released news in this week.

That is nothing but the third series of "Modern Combat 3 : Fallen Nation" :-) Wow isn't it!!

Modern Combat 3 : Fallen is the latest game by Gameloft developers.You would have heard about the gameloft games and this will be added to its top list in this fall 2011.

Modern Combat 3 : Fallen Nation is the game full of high graphics and hardcore FPS game.Source say Modern Combat 3 : Fallen Nation is providing many tons of levels for the players.

History of Modern Combat is very successfull mobile game application.It is a FPS(First Person Shooting)Game and was a tremendous success and also with the Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.

Now Gameloft is providing this game app for iOS and Android mobiles.Previously some errors were noticed in the mb series now this will cleared with additions of new attractions to the game modes in this new series in this fall.

Source say that Modern Combat 3 is coming with few crazy improvements in this series.
  • Mind blowing 13 fabulous missions and creative cinematics and memorable moments.
  • Its an multiplayer game as you all know but interesting fact is that now you can play with 12 friends online.
  • Impressive ranking system with additional experience ranks.
  • High end modern weaponary with attactments and modifications.
  • Gaming in 6 different modes in 6maps with well defined graphics.

Here are some screen shots for you.Hope you like them.

Im eagerly waiting to play this game since i played many games of gameloft company i want to taste the hardcore gaming of this FPS sure it will reach my approach.I know by seeing this trailer of the game it will really rock the app stores and be a huge success once again.Check out this Ultimate game trailer Modern Combat 3 : Fallen Nation.Njoy Gaming <3 :)


Words With Friends Guide

Hy frndz..i would like to tell you about the new android Game app and also game app in fb.

Zynga new game release on puzzle type gaming.i.e: "Words With Friends Guide".This game is now available on the facebook and also on android app's.

This game can be said as a brain teaser,now zynga is trying different gaming strategies in the gaming sector.It is attracting the users to play its new release Words With Friends Guide,bcoz it gives us some knowledge and improves the general knowledge and verbal language.

This game is nice when compared to lot another games in the facebook bcoz it is very use full and brain thinking game and at the same time we can play this game with our frndz all over the world.

This game allows you to chat with frndz and many things like drag and drop options and also the zoom option in it.It has really cool animations and slick touch controls embedded in it.

This is an android application that is available on the Internet now.

This game is really awesome and very interesting indeed and i love this brain teaser since it makes me think faster and correct..This is helping a lot to me in improving my communication skills.
Screenshot of the game Words With Friends can be like this,in this snapshot DW=double word,Tw=triple word,and etc.

You need to start the game by placing a letter given at the end of the game bar in the middle of the star.There onwards the game starts and you can play this game as a challenge to your frnd.It is very fun and enjoyable.

Now this is also on mobile phones.For playing this game in mobile.
Mobile Requirements:
Any mobile with minimum graphics embedded in it.
Android S/w is must.

This is a screen shot of a mobile android game.U'll loving this game.

With the mobile gaming you can play with a countless number of frndz so just go and get an android embedded phone and play this game now.

So why waiting go and play this game in facebook,if your in a remote place or outside the home just go mobile and play this game on android app based game.

This game has too many advantages:
1.)You can improve your English.
2.)You can get an fame.
3.)You can improve on verbal words.
4.)You can enjoy the game and at a time learn many things.

I personally like this game very very much. It gives me a different experience and teaches me many things in the world of English.

I recommend many people and frndz to play this new zynga game and improve your verbal skills.Happy learning..I hope this game will boost up your confidence in English words without any grammatical mistakes and teaches you many things..:-)


New games in Google+

Hy frndz we all know the new social networking site Google+ since it has been launched a month ago.

Facebook has launched many virtual games through Zynga game developers.The recent Zynga release was Empire & allies that was a huge success.

Now even Google+ has made a deal with the zynga group approximately a billion dollar tie up.

Finally Google+ is welcoming games and entered the gaming sector and started giving the competition to its other Networking sites.

Unlike Facebook,Google+ is not introducing the farmville game.Google+ doesnt want the virtual game like Cityville,Farmville and etc.

Presently Google+ is introducing Angrybirds,Bejewelled but not "farmville".

YOU may be shocked but its true google+ is not allowing farmville in this N/w site.It is only introducing "Zynga poker". Zygna is introducing poker game in the Google+ for now and later many may come to this site.For now the game lovers should be happy with Zynga Poker.

Mainly Farmville is avoided due to the spam msgs and lot of invitations about that game which was a headache to the users in fb site.To overcome the unnecessary risks the google+ is avoiding the farmville game.

So,it will be an bad news for the farm lovers but you have to accept it.But google+ promises many more intresting games to be launched soon..

Source:TechCrunch says that google+ doesn't want to allow the games which will spam the g+ wall with games posts and other posts regarding that respective game.

So Game lovers will be awaiting for more more games on google+.

Those people who mainly concentrate on the conversations and other things they can just avoid the notifications and game requests if you are not interested.So both of them are satisfied at a time this option will be provided by the google+.

Finally i want to say that even google+ has entered in to the gaming sector and this is only the beginning still more to come..

Happy Gaming..I guess this post has informed you to go and check the games in google+.. :-)