After the success of "RED DEAD REDEMPTION" rockstar have decided to go for the second part of the game i.e RED DEAD REDEMPTION-Undead Nightmare

The previous RED DEAD REDEMPTION was a huge success in the gaming world.Many xbox,Ps3 copies were sold out and shops were of stock out.

The RED DEAD REDEMPTION story seems to be like a cowboy who has serious problems and his family being threaten by federal agents.The story of cowboy was coming to an end point in the early 1900's in America.
The main character in this story is former outlaw J martson and he tries to bring the rule of law to the city he lived.
This story involves heavy shooting,interesting job missions,bank robberies,bounty hunting,gun battles and many more.
John is the main hero in this film RED DEAD REDEMPTION and RED DEAD REDEMPTION-Undead Nightmare.

Now after the huge success of this game in the multi player gaming.Rockstar developers is now working on the second part of the game i.e RED DEAD REDEMPTION-Undead Nightmare.

RED DEAD REDEMPTION-Undead Nightmare is announced long back those who dint get this will miss an thrilling gun battles.

This story is very much interesting than the previous story its more like creepy thing with the zombies and dead bodies,this sounds thrilling for the horror,action,creepy loving gamers.This game can fulfill their dreams.Coz this things are common in this game and more gun battles with the zombies and others.
Story seems to be like When he wakes up at his farmhouse he finds the west frontier city gone insane overnight since he had to save his family he uses every skill to find an cure for this thing and save his family.

Those who still didn't play this games am sure this article will make enthusiast towards these games.

So hurry up why late go get your RED DEAD REDEMPTION-Undead Nightmare & RED DEAD REDEMPTION xbox cds and ps3 cds now.


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