Latest Game of Grand Theft Auto: GTA V

Now finally Latest game GTA V will be soon released in between year 2012-13.

We have played GTA("Grand Theft Auto") previous versions Liberty City,Vice City,San andreas,ChinaTown,Punjab city etc etc.

And there are many other versions of GTA unknown to many others,of course they are not officially released..
Now here officially comes the latest version of GTA i.e GTA V.

All the fans of GTA are eagerly waiting for the release of this game.RockStar group has given us many wonderfull games.

Previously GTA games were based on the place name but now title of the GTA V is unknown
until the release of the game.

The new GTA V will be announced soon.Many say that they are going to be released in 2012 or 13.

Since the RockStar development company has been busy in several projects like AGENT(a Game in playstation).

The last game of gta was in 2008 after that game they were working on "Red Dead Redemption" and to this game they have given large contribution for making this game success.
Similarly for Max payne 3, L.A Noire..

Presently still they are working on AGENT but there is no announcements of that game anywhere in any sites.

May be this gonna shake the gaming world with new surprises in AGENT.

Coming back to GTA V its a unknown game but most awaiting game of the GTA fans all over the world.
Lets see when GTA V comes and full fill our happiness with nice game missions and good story.