The Girl i loved . . .

My happy moments of my hair started after my Intermediate..I tell you what happened...

Now i am 18 (Naughty 18)...!!!

Just completed my +2.Joined a engineering college, it was totally different environment after my +2.
I used to be a very shy guy never talked to a girl, then one day while i was going to bus stop to catch my college bus.

There i saw the long hair girl, I was attracted to her long silky hair and fell in love with her but i couldn't see her face as her hair was pretty long and very shiny it covered her face..As it was first day of my Engineering college i was in a hurry so i got my bus and i left from there.

It was a funny  thing happened to me 1st time in my life, i was present in the college class but my brain situation was like "Body present Mind absent" !! :-D It was totally thinking of that long hair Rapunzel.

I was in imagination thinking how does she look like Rapunzel or a Snow white ??
I was very curious to see her again..

Next day morning same story i couldn't see her face..The 3rd day i was prepared to see her face.I took a step forward and took a daring move and looked at that long hair girl.

Imagine what happened !!!
She looked at me & uttered my name Sampath

I was in shock she happened to be my childhood friend it was really a WOW moment for me then we went to a cafeteria.Then i asked her you had a very short hair at childhood? how come you are having such a long hair now ??

She said Yeah but not now ever since i am using "Dove hair products" my hair is growing long and shiny.

I told i love your hair it is very beautiful, she started blushing and was a wonderful Wow moments i asked her how did u manage such a good hair?? 

Her hair looks like this, these are not real pics of her because i don't want to put her image but similar to her hair..

I asked to Tell her Hair secrets so that it may helpful for many friends of mine...She said

  • Using of Dove hair products was very helpful for hair and proved true throughout the world  by all women's and my suggestion is to use them.

  • I used to apply oil at least 3days in a week, do head bath at least twice a week.

Dove has released few new products,Let us know about them now !!

*Dove Nourishing oil care Shampoo*
*Dove Nourishing oil care Conditioner*
*Dove oil care Vita-oil serum*
*Dove oil care Repair mask*

Differences with the Dove Vs Regular hair products:

Regular hair shampoo's cleanse hair but they also take away hair essentials oils, but it is not the same case with Dove product because it contains vita-oils & that is made up of almond,coconut and sunflower oils that helps to replenish the essential vitamins without leaving a essential oil.
Similarly main things are seen in the dove products than rest of the junk available in the market.

General Tips For Hair:
  • If u have a hair fall problem then use this tip, radish juice should be apply 3times in a week in the night times at hair loss area.For better improvement you can use it daily till the hair growth occurs.

  • If u have hair dandruff problem then use tip, apply lemon juice or aloe Vera  for 1hour and then rinse your hair.Try this for some days you can see the improvement.

Every person whether it is a man or woman beauty of them lives in their hair so take some care about the fragile hair of yours and be happy :)

From then on-wards i was caring my hair and taking good care of it and telling tips to my pals and even others.Now i have Good hair :).

*Now i will end my pen by saying Dove has changed my life.Now it is very sweet and every day there is a WOW moment in my life.
Because of Dove i dared to go to a girl ignoring my weakness that is shy with a courage step  i got  my long hair Rapunzel "The Girl i loved . . ." and we are together till now* :)

Thanks Dove  :)

**Some of the Dove products information is collected from the web just for better understanding of users and to give better knowledge of the products for the customers in the public interest.**


Having Guts then try this F.E.A.R !!


F.E.A.R is from universal games designed and developed by monolith productions.
It was in to the market on 17th October 2005 and ported by Day 1 studios.It is available on Xbox 360 and the PS3.
F.E.A.R is "First Encounter Assault Recon" 
FEAR story deals around a paranormal and supernatural ghost story.Ooh isn't Scary :-P

Fear is a fictional special forces team to end that story in the game deals with a little girl who is said to have supernatural powers and many telepathy powers with her.

FEAR team goes to find out the and uncover the secrets of paranormal activities that are being held according to the story.

FEAR is an psychological horror and the First person shooter game.Its more an combat game deals with groups of  anti soldiers with in them.


 FEAR stimulates an combat from a FP perspective.Fast roping from helicopter or climbing ladders is pretty cinematic way.It deals with the alma character which goes with a horror cinematic combat.
 Here in this game reflex time is the crucial thing which a FPS player needs to have to shoot the target.Game provides a time to normal speeds also to get target in a decent time and hit the target and achieve missions.

This reflex time is represented by stylish visual effects that cause bullets jump in the air that creates a time delay variation.

Guns used in the game are pistols,assault rifle,sub machines and beam weapons.

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP with service packs,Pentium 4
Hard disk: 5gb HDD
Graphic:Direct 9 compliant

Multi player option is available in this game and is very high end even in the steam playing.It gives a same feeling as if they are playing a PC game.

Graphics are designed according to the theme that is horror theme and is really scary enough to jerk players and entertain the sudden shocking entries of the characters.It will surely jerk the players.

The game environment looks totally creepy and horror stuff it is designed according to the Japanese horror films and the developers gives many cinematic visionary in the game play.Its really cool and creep at the same time.

People who never tried for the horror games this series of F.E.A.R is amazing kind of stuff that you would like  to try playing, The atmosphere of the game is awesome way of entertaining the people.

FEAR features all the multi player modes that will help you in real time playing in the steam.You can practice of with death match,team death match and capture the flag this will help you in steam play.

These are some foes for the game FEAR check it out..

Seriously these are the crooked foes i never saw in any game..Its really damn violent game and creepy game that children shouldn't try it can played under parents guidance :-P.

ALMA is the key character in this game play take a look of her..:D :D

Main synopsis of the game is nothing but the horror theme that you can experience only in FEAR series.
F.E.A.R has many expansions in its game they are
  • F.E.A.R 2 Origin
  • F.E.A.R Extraction Point
  • F.E.A.R Perseus Mandate
  • F.E.A.R 2 Reborn
  • F.E.A.R Platinum
  • F 3 A R 
These are the expansions released till now you can try all these games to have lots of horror thrill and fun in this game F.E.A.R .

So Hurry up gamers go to the market or download this game.Don't miss it!!

Happy Horror Game play :D ;)


My Favourite Mobile Game app's !!!

""My Favorite games in this year i played were the most exciting games i never played you can also try these on your mobiles"".                                                                                                                                              


Angry Birds :  

The Angry birds is an mobile,PC and online game which shacked the gaming world with its hype made out when it was released. I played it in my friends iOS mobile it was simply superb.
It was mind blowing graphics and the game is based on the angry birds fighting with pigs.

Call of Duty :  

While coming to the action games part we all know how amazing fps games are for the mobile. There is full high end  graphics and animations and etc they are equal to the standard of PC and xbox gaming.

Simply superb no words for this game.

 Mowgli in the jungle :  

This is available in nokia ovi store at a cost of 0$.Yeah you heard it right its absolutely free of cost.This Game is full version and has many levels and many missions.Graphics and sound are rated 8 on a scale of  10.

Mobi Archer

The game is archery based game has a 15 level games requires a touch screen oriented mobile.

Graphics are rated 8 and game play is 5.
 Overall game is 6 on a scale of 10.

Need For Speed Shift :

The NFS series latest game is the high end gaming for a mobile gaming.It is provided with fabulous graphics and game modes and missions available in the game.

This game gives you a full end satisfaction in gaming because of its motion gaming available in this game controlls.Its simply a eye catcher game of all nfs series previously present.It is beyond the imagination the graphics ans sound are simply superb.

Bounce Boing Battle :

This is a multi player game this is a different experience gaming for me because of the option available for that game.

Guess Whats that ??

OK OK ..No more puzzles..

We can play the live multi player just by switching on to our bluetooth and just play the awesome game.It requires two or more mobile which are provided with a bluetooth connection and system requirements provided indeed.Totally this game is fabulous for a multi player gaming.I enjoyed playing this game.I guess you will surely try this game.

Assassins Creed 2 :

This Game is developed by the famous game developers none another than gameloft company. 
Its is available free on the nokia ovi store.This game is really looking good even in the mobile..Its very intelligently developed in areas like controlling and the graphics oriented sections its really mindblowing you should very soon try this game.

 Block breaker 3 unlimited :

This game is a tremendous one which has many bosses to defeat and each boss will give you 10 levels.
Each level gives you more add ons for the game which will help you in improving the bar power.

Angry birds RIO :  

This Game is the second version of the previous one and it is also same game with some more modes and a change of game play developed in it.

This is also an fun game and time pass game in which all modes are enjoyable and fun watching also.I enjoyed playing this game.

World of rabbits :

World of rabbits it is a game of 10 levels each level has 3 amazing modes.Graphics are very good designed by the game developers.Each round has many obstacles to clear and very adventurous and good gameplay.

Doodle jump :

What can i say about this game it is my most favourite game in this list.It has an endless game play.It is a motion sensor game.It is a game where the doodle jumps and kills the enemies and levels up and up and gets the score.
My personal highest score is 100202 wow isn't it..Yeah i like playing this games in my mobile these are available at a free of cost in the gaming market.
Beside image are the enemies of the doodle which he likes to kill them again and again.

These are the games i liked most in this season which are available at a free of cost in the gaming world only few we need to buy..

Happy Gaming :) :p