Farmville Tricks and Tricks ~ "Double the Gift item" Trick

Q.How to get a single gift item two times in farmville ?
ANS: There are the two methods to get this trick work..


---> Click the Zynga Gift option as shown below..


---> Goto Game request option on home page of facebook and collect same gift's twice..

Step3: Go to farmville Gift box and check. you will find the same gift twice.

These trick is working 80% checkout farmers.

I have tried and got lots and lots of gifts..

Thanks to Zynga who made this thing possible..:P


Farmville Gifts Tips andTricks

Usually while we build any building, We send to share materials to our friends on the same time.... Here is a decent trick :-)

If we want 60 parts for our building like (20 Bricks, 20 Wooden boards & 20 Nails)

If we Collect (19 Bricks, 19 Wooden boards & 19 Nails) and add that parts to building then is between that construction we share at-least 4 nails, 4 bricks and 4 wooden boards to our friend or for our main Account.

Now, after we've added all 19, 19 & 19 parts to the building; after that store that building, so that all 19, 19 & 19 parts go into our GIFTBOX again.

Now we can place the building again on farm from inventory.

And we can start doing the same thing again and again and again.......

By this method we can collect upto 200 materials in a day..I tried i got it and farmville users you can also try and enjoy this trick.


WARNING: CL_FlushEntityPacket ??

How to solve CL_FlushEntityPacket Error ?

  • If you are getting CL_FlushEntityPacket Warnings this typically means that either:

  • Your internet connection or the server's internet connection is having problems.

  • Your connection is overloaded, for example running a peer-to-peer file sharing application in the background.

  • There are other computers on your local network using your Internet connection.

  • The server you are on has its network connection overloaded.

  • You are running on a wireless connection with a poor or inconsistent signal.

  • You have a Virus or Trojan or Internet Worm infection that is generating traffic.

  • You are connected to the Internet using a dial-up or other low-speed connection.
  • You have your rate or cl_updaterate or cl_cmdrate settings too fast for your Internet connection.

You can help to identify and eliminate the source of your problem by:

  • Shut down all unnecessary programs on your computer before playing.

  • Disconnect all other computers in your household to see if they are causing the problem.

  • Scan all hard disks on your home network for virus/Trojan and spy ware.

  • If you are running on a wireless network, try connecting using a direct Ethernet cable and see if the problem goes away. You will probably have to disable the "Wireless Zero Configuration" service while you are playing as well.
  • Safe rates for dial-up connections are typically around 3500-5000, while broadband connections should be able to safely run 30000 or better. You set this in your game console (~ typically) by entering: rate

  • The default cl_updaterate is 20, setting the value to a higher number increases the download demand on your connection. Set this in your console: cl_updaterate 20
  • The default cl_cmdrate is 30, setting the cable to a higher number increases the upload demoand on your internet connection. Set this in your console: cl_cmdrate 30