Are Hijra's(TransGender) not a Human being.?

Hijra (English called as Eunuchs) aren't they humans then why are they treated in a harsh way.What is the problem with our society.Even they are humans like we are then why cant they be treated like with others they do .I strongly condemn on this issue.After all they are also beings all should be given equal rights.

I felt very bad when i saw a incident with the boy of age around 16 wearing a saree and bangles and sindhur on his head.He was walking and the people beside him were shouting 'hey' 'hey idiot are you blind cant u keep distance between',he replied very sadly sorry.

I shredded  tears in my eyes by seeing that annoying incident,it was not his mistake to born like that then why the hell people are scolding him and keeping them aside.
Just think guys/gals if you were born with those gender problems 

what would you feel for that incident.Isn't that a harsh way.?

I say Yes.
It is not his mistake to be born like that right,so please people avoid such cases at least show some humanity, am not saying to hug them and kiss them but show some respect towards them all have some self respect and even they have.

According to Hindu mythology Hijra gender is divine because the LORD SHIVA has a avatar where Lord Shiva and Parvathi are combined and formed into one making the LORD Shiva + Parvathi= LORD Ardhanareeswara.Hijra is a form of that divine lord,there form is greater than us.
LORD Ardhanareeswara

I have a friend in the child hood he used to do all the girly things i never knew why he does that.He was used to go to the girl toilets and always used to be with girls and do girl sort of things.So We all used to            
tease him a lot by saying "girly boy".Then we came to know about the fact that he was a Eunuch.We all felt very sorry for him.Few of my friends ignored him even me,later i felt so sorry for him and left all the issues and came back to friendship.

He was very happy when i talked with him and gave him a hug and said Ramu i am there for you.Don't worry i am a friend of you right so stop being idle and sad and lets be friends again.

Then after some days he couldn't bear with our society and even his parents didn't understood his feelings and
abandon him.Then he went to Eunuch community and changed his gender.Transformed to Eunuch officially.
I was really shocked that he had changed his gender but what can he do with this society around us.
No one will help him and care about him, at least the Eunuch community will take good care of them.

Don't think Eunuch(Hijra's) are not educated so and so,if you then you might have heard wrong.The leading I.T sector has one Eunuch working in MNC companies and earning a high salary.They are very talented but our society  ignores them they not even bothered and wont encourage them to education.
Every one has right to get education right then why cant you cooperate schools or colleges give admissions to them aah ?
But you money minded people in admission bench wont understand the feeling of them,always running behind the money and thinking of the school/college reputations.Darn the fame and name every one should get the education.Every child has right to get it then why cant the "Eunuch child" aah ?

That will be A million dollar Question for the Cooperate schools and Colleges.
According to the survey i made through the google hijra[Eunuch] is not backed anywhere they are every where in all sector's.They are working in hospitals,offices and lot more.

But not all are that educated only few who get proper education from govt side education is offered free to them are working.Some are moving into the film industry and modeling.

Rest of them are begging on the roads,some working as sex workers and many mean jobs for their feeding of stomach.
Some cases are worse those who work has sex workers they are cruelly treated by the raudies(BigShot People) and punish them in a harsh way.I have read a lot of articles that really pushed me to write down this topic and want to change some thing from my side.

Please don't scold them when they beg on the roads and come near to you for asking some charity.If you have donate some but don't treat them in a harsh way or insulting way.Even they have a heart to feel bad so please stop and avoid such things with them.

Begging at the traffic signal roads 

My sincere request to all of you citizens of india that treat them as humans and accept them as one of us.Even Eunuch(Hijra) are humans please dont insult them by saying Point5(.5),TwoInone,cheka and etc.Please stop abusing them friends.They need help if you cant help then be calm no need to abuse them and treat them in a In-Decent way.

One successful story of sham alias shamala he has same problem so he changed his gender and now became a heroine in my hyderabad in telugu film industry.Sham changed to Shamala.

Sham to Shamala

working at cinema set with director

From my side when ever i saw a hijra my friend Ramu who is a hijra i remember him and donate some charity to them.Even you could do the same thing help them.

My view on this topic is that Its "Time to Change" all should be showing some respect & humanity and help them in small or big way.Avoid the hatred and untouchable sort of things.Because even they are humans right.We should show some respect for our fellow beings. I want to change this thing so i am hearing you my voice by the words above.

So Guys Its "Time to Change" even they are Humans treat them in a good way.Don't think am a Hijra am also common guy but expressing my views on what my friends has face till now.So hope you guys understood my writeup.

Thank You.
Please help them

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