Movement Tips in Counter Strike...

Apart from shooting,the second most important aspect of the game where individual skill comes into play is the movements.Here are some of the advanced techniques that are used besides the usual running,strafing,ducking and walking in the game :

1. SILENT RUN : Its a technique whereby repeated ducking is used instead of walking to move silently,the difference being the fact that silent run is faster than walking.Also it makes you a pretty unsteady target for aiming headshots by your enemy.The only disadvantage of silent run when compared to walking is that there is a significant reduction of your own accuracy while moving.

2. FAST RUN : This technique is one of the least discussed topics yet a very useful one in the game.This is pretty easy to master; you have just to keep pressing the strafe button at regular intervals while moving forward.In other words,its like moving forward facing the wall.A practice map for this purpose would be go_fastrun.

3. EDGE BUG : This happens to be one of the glitches of the game whereby you can jump from great heights to an edge of some sort without having to sacrifice any HP.However this technique is pretty difficult to master and has very little significance in matches.

4. JUMP BUG : It happens to be another exploit of the game engine. To utilise this bug you have to jump from a decent height pressing duck and when you are xctly 4 units above the ground you have release the duck and jump simultaneously.That way you wont be losing any HP no matter from what height you jump. Sounds simple but in actual practice its pretty tough.

5. BUNNYHOP AND MID-AIR STRAFING : Well...thanx to SnK, I wouldnt have to explain much on this topic.Just go through his thread and you'll get more than enough information and explanation on how to bhop.It would take care of all sorts of jumps namely Long-jumps,Bhop Long-jump,High Jumps,Countjumps,Weird Jumps and Ladder Jumps.

6. DOUBLE DUCK TECHNIQUE : This is the technique whereby you press crouch twice to make small jumps instead of using the jump key.Isnt much of use but nice trick to show off.

7. MOVEMENT IN LADDERS : You have the least accuracy of shooting when you are clinging to any ladder.The fastest way to climb up a ladder is to press W/S + A/D at the same time while climbing up or down the ladder.In order to move silently in ladders use the duck key. Alternatively, you could also climb up or down silently by keeping you crosshair just about 15-30 degree below the horinzontal.Jumping down from heights and clinging to any ladder doesnt make you lose any HP.Also ducking at the xct moment you cling to the ladder after dropping down from great heights doesnt cause any sounds too..