CS1.6/CZ/CS GO GameTips

General Tips :-

Here are some of the general tips that one should keep in mind :

1. Always make sure that you avoid the enemy crosshair before you peek. You might use a flash before you peek a certain angle.

2. If possible peek as a team. If you peek together with another of your team-mate from two different angles it always causes quite a trouble for the opponent to concentrate at one of you.

3. It doesnt matter whether you are left-handed or right-handed in-game, but its always the right shoulder thats spotted first instead of the left one. So make sure you dont mess with you   r opponent peeking with his left shoulder while you are peeking with your right shoulder (especially when you are awping).

4. Again if you are closer to an object eg. a wall, you'll be spotted earlier by the opponent who is farther from the wall. For eg. the de_dust2 DD. The T approaching A-short will spot earlier the CT who's standing by the DD near CT spawn aiming A-short.

5. You can always peek over a cloud of smoke. At the same time you can also spot the feet underneath the smoke. Remember if you are using a smoke to take cover, be on the right side of the chucking direction as the smoke puffs fly towards the right hand side.

6. Irrespective of the right or left handed model, the nades are always appear to be hold by your right hand.

7. Crouching expands your body horizontally. So avoid ducking when you are hiding by any edge. Also doors and thin walled textures makes your guns visible through them if you are facing them. For eg. the squeaky door,the cabin wall of de_nuke,the hallway door of de_inferno,all the double doors of de_dust2.