Shooting Tips in Counter Strike...

The most basic requirement of Counter Strike, like any other FPS game, is shooting. And this is the field where every individual has his own concepts and fundas. Since I aint a pro, I wont bore you ppl with my own personal experience and concepts. My only advice would be practice and devolop your own concepts and shooting style based on your own experience and observation. 

However here are some of the tips and tricks which may be of some help :

1. The ammo gets transferred to your arsenal only when you pick up guns of those who have dropped dead irrespective of the team. Otherwise the guns that you pick up, contains bullets left in the first magazine only. The guns that you drop while you are alive, contains only the first magazine and the ammo stays with your arsenal.

2. So it can easily be figured out that, try to pick up guns of your enemy so that when anyone in the opponent team needs to pick up the same gun, they wont have extra ammo. However keep in mind that when your team-mates need to pick up guns in the viscinity never pick up any gun and drop it back because that way you'll be depriving him of the ammo and keeping it all by yourself.

3. The ammo of glock and smg are the same. The ammo for galil,famas,m4a1,bull-pup,kreig are the same. The bullets for ak47 and awp are unique of their kind.

4. Always try to juggle away any guns in viscinity and try to avoid it being picked up by the opponent. This has to kept in mind specially when playing with the opponent team in an eco round. When you are doing an eco, try to find out where there is max possibility of finding guns dropped.