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Xbox One vs PS4

Next Generation Console Enhancements


While many avid gamers have their fingers crossed in the hope of unwrapping a shiny new Playstation 4 or Xbox One on Christmas morning, pre-order customers have been lucky enough to have their hands on the next generation consoles since mid to end November now.

While these two giants have been going up against one another since the release of the first Xbox console in 2001, the hardware, features and general functionalities of each of the next-gen consoles has improved immensely over just three generations, spanning well over ten years.

While both Sony and Microsoft have brought some extremely impressive improvements to the new consoles, many gamers are still on the fence regarding which console to opt for.
Let’s take a look at a couple of the more noticeable improvements made to the next generation consoles, and how they could affect future gameplay! For a fullconsole comparison check out this handy rundown we found.


Both consoles have made improvements to their motion sensor control features, but only the Xbox One includes their sensor (Kinect 2) with the console upon purchase, while the PS4 ‘EYE’ & PS Move requires additional purchase. Perhaps this can go some way to explaining Xbox higher price tag.

Features such as facial recognition help speed up the signing in/out process and make for a ‘futuristic’ feeling during the first few times using the consoles!
While both consoles do feature effective voice control functionality, only the PS4 offers Bluetooth connectivity for use with other devices.


As we’re sure you’re aware, both the Xbox One and PS4 have made changes to their appearance and functionality of their control pads; some small and some more radical.

For many, the Xbox 360 controller was one of the best controllers ever designer. It sat nicely in the hand of the player, and the spaced-out locations of the analogue sticks made for a more comfortable gaming session.  For their new console, Xbox have made enhancements to their controllers responsiveness, replacing the old D-Pad with a newer and more accurate model as well as adding additional rumble packs around the pad, including under the triggers for much more engaging gameplay.

Playstation 2 paved the way into dual anagolge stick control gameplay, with their introduction of the dual shock controller. This joypad was a huge improvement on its Playstation 1 predecessor and featured a shiny new analogue control system that really paved the way for a more accurate and responsive console gaming experience.

The PS4 however shows Platstation’s intent to reinvent the wheel once again, wing the introduction of a touch-sensitive pad for a more ‘hands on’ gaming experience. We’ve seen only a few examples of this in use so far, but it’s responsiveness seems more than capable of making this feature a huge part of future gameplay on the PS4.

So there we have a quick look at the next generation consoles and just a handful of the enhancements that have been made.

Nokia Lumia phones personifies sheer elegance

Nokia began with its 'Lumia' series first in 2011. Spanning over three generations of Nokia Lumia models, this brand is backed by the operating system of Windows. Over the years, Nokia has been one of the leading and most promising giants when it comes to mobile phones and music accessories. However with the new range of Smartphone’s launched it has also been a receiver of public ire. On one hand, if we say that these designs have received mixed responses, on the other we cannot underestimate the effort put in by the team of creative artists at Nokia to dare and present a Smartphone concept sans the popular Android operating system. At the same time, they have tried their best to keep these Nokia Lumia series on par with its counterparts through its performance and durability.

The company has Nokia Lumia 800, 710, 900, 510 and many more to its credit. One of its recent developments is Nokia Lumia 910 which was introduced during the last year. This elegant piece of work weighs 160 grams and boasts of a 4.3 inch display with a resolution of 480x800 pixels. The strength of Nokia Lumia 910 lies in its 12.1 megapixels rear camera which sports the features of dual LED, auto focus, Geo tagging, touch to focus and exposure compensation. Now this is what we call killing two birds with one stone. While you spend less money, you can get to click pictures of the almost the same quality as the high end costly professional cameras. It also includes a 13.1 front facing camera just like that of Nokia Lumia 900 to suit your additional photography needs. 

The Nokia Lumia 910 is supported by single core processor (1400MHz Snapdragon APQ8055) and complemented by 512 MB RAM. It runs on an 1830 mAh battery and offers an internal memory of 16 GB. In addition to the significant features of its rear camera, this Nokia Smartphone lets you record videos too. Nokia Lumia 910 flaunts an amazing camcorder which allows digital image stabilization, video calling and continuous autofocus while providing resolution of 1280x720. While we focus on the AMOLED multi-touch display screen of this device, as a potential buyer you must know this touch screen Smartphone is made to be scratch resistant. This saves you from the extra maintenance cost which generally arises upon regular wear and tear of the gadget. Besides this, the display also promises light sensor and proximity sensor. It has a talk-time of 7 long hours and that covers most of your working hours if you are a professional.

By any chance if you are a regular on social networking websites, you will love to know that Nokia Lumia offers built-in online services support such as YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and Twitter. So there is no chance you can miss any tweet or image uploaded online by your pals, peers and relatives. This Nokia Smartphone solves your connectivity issues through WiFi, 4G LTE, USB, 3G, POI navigation, GPS and Bluetooth 2.1, EDR.

Nokia Lumia has suffered its share of brickbats too. Not long before its announcement in 2012, it garnered a lot of speculation along with rumors of more-talk-no-action floated in the market. Looking at this side of the coin, this Smartphone is advisable for use of single SIM only. Since it runs on Windows 7.5 operating system (Mango), there are certain chances you might experience difficulty while exchanging media files. If this operating system could be upgradeable to the Windows 7.8 version, it could be well accepted in more corners by the prospective buyers. If you intend to buy this phone then checking out online retail stores will help in getting easy discounts.

Raadha Sharma is a well known writer having good experience on nokiamobiles price.She also provides information on latest gadgets and upcoming products in india. You can also discuss with her topics related to latest and upcoming gadgets in Indian market, mobile phones prices, high tech laptops and tablets and many more.

Candy Crush Saga For Android,iOS - Game Review

This Candy Crush Saga is most downloaded game this week. It has got over a million downloads by now and counting more as we read this article. This game is simple but very interesting even for the elders since it has got thinking appliance in the game. So it attracts every age group from our society.

So that's the reason it has been a good success in this candy games. So now the games is freely available for android users on the play store also it is available on the app store.

You can Download here :

Android Platform 
IOS Platform 

Its latest update was made on Aug 2013 this month and coming to the size of the game it varies from the device to device.

Depending on the device it varies with the size and it doesnot work on android 2.3 version i.e Gingerbread.

So you need atleast version more than gingerbread os.

I tried it on 2.3Os Version but it didnot able to download since it is not suitable for the device with that version.

So i tried it on the Galaxy note it worked well and it was nice game.

My Game score for the Candy Crush Saga on a scale of 10 - 7.5

Trailer :

Bubblews -New Way To Earn Money Online

About  : Bubblews

The Bubblews is a website founded by a Indian named Arvind. This website has been established few years back and the progress of this website is quite amazing. Since it provides online earning for the members of this website.

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For every unique visitor to your post $0.1 will be added to your account in the bubblews.

There is a special page called Redemption where it explains how to redeem your money earned.

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Also if you post less than 400 characters your post wont be counted and the pay will not be done.

So check the rules properly before writing a article. All the best.

Register Now:

Registration Website : Bubblews

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Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is now official, releasing on September 19

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is now official, releasing on September 19

We have seen the earlier edition of Angry Birds Star Wars.

It has been a nice game and it was a good success in terms of game play and story.

Now Rovio the gaming company announces its new version of game for angry bird series.

Even this will be a good one to play with new powers for birds and new exciting levels.

Check out the official trailer of angry birds star wars II.

Shree Bose – An Inspiration for many Indian Students

She is an Indian who lives in United States of America also started her education at the same place.
Due to the different standards of education in USA she has got interest in the field of science and technology.

That led to grow many ideas in her and made her think to innovate something new right from the child hood.
May be it’s her family circle has influenced on the science since her dad was a employee in a big company related to the science.
Her tutor was her own brother every day he used to teach her physics and that made her more interest towards the science.

In a interview she speaks of her interest in science and technology that made her participate in many quests and science fair right from school.
Also she won many science competitions for making innovative models and things.

As children are not much interested in eating leaf vegetables she taught why don’t I make these vegetables attractive? 
By that they love to eat these leafy vegetables.
Then that made her do an innovative experiment with the spinach turning its green colour to purple colour.

(Image Courtesy :: BusinessInsider)
Slowly this went growing and growing in interest towards the science. At the age of 15 she was more in to the science and getting attached to the science. One day her close relative[Grandfather] had death due to cancer disease. So at that movement she wants to get the knowledge of why does the cancer occurs in human?

Then she approached for many hospitals and research centers by writing her request letter to do a research on this problem and get the knowledge of it. But sadly no one has given the chance.

After many attempts one research institution member Dr .Alakananda has given her a chance of research learning and which led to innovation of a disease cure.
This was the same thing published in the first ever Google’s science fair and she won the first prize for this achievement.

Courtesy :: BlogCdn

She was selected as first prize winner for the first ever Google science fair held in the US. For her great interest in science to achieve knowledge of new concepts and methods and to find a cure for a disease made her stand different from her co-students.

Everyone should get inspired by shree bose and also we need to create new education systems in India so that every child gets a good education.

US education has different education standards they concentrate on practical knowledge gaining rather than the book knowledge. They let the students do the experiments which are present in their schedule and by that they can be enrichment of knowledge for them.

Even our Indian government should take such steps to improve our education system. We should be happy that our education system has developed from recent years. We can expect more improvements in this education system so that child can get good knowledge and implement it in near future.

Personally I got inspired by her TedxGateway Speech and congratulate her for the achievement she made till now. I hope she continues in this field of science and make more innovations for the world.

I have wrote article for this Video Link ::

Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012 .

Share your views and comments on this topic. Feel free to give your comments.

LCD Television's- The Amazing Experience for Gaming

The Amazing Viewing Experience

Television has become the most powerful visual and audio medium of entertainment in the world. LCD TV is a special kind of TV that utilizes LCD technology to provide sharper and better picture. These TVs gained popularity in the early 2000s. When LCD TVs were first introduced, it was believed that LCD technology would not be able to compete with the existing plasma technology, and it was meant only for the smaller sized flat-panel televisions. However, with improvements in technology, larger and bigger LCD screens are being produced by manufacturers like Sharp, Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips and a lot. These LCD TVs are generally manufactured in three different varieties like standard definition (SD), enhanced definition (ED) and high definition (HD) Televisions. The quality of images reproduced by it is exceptional. In addition, LCD TVs are also energy efficient compared to the CRT TVs. LCD TVs are lighter and thinner than CRTs and consumer less power over time. LG, a maker of LCD televisions, manufactures millions of both standard-definition and high-definition sets each year. LG is counted amongst the top electronic companies and the LG LCD TV is one of the most popular of the LCD Television available in the market.

Design :

LG LCD TVs come with a very eye catching design to suit the personality of an individual. The looks are neat and sober to earn great compliments from the spectators even when it is not in operation. The built quality is really durable and easy to clean. It is very easy to install. It comes in lightweight as compared to the traditional TV. With their sleek, clean styling, LG LCD TVs integrate beautifully with the design of the home. LG LCD Tv's  are beautifully designed which comes with glossy screen and smooth bezel to add elegance to its outer look. 

Features :

LG LCD TVs have an IPS panel which shows clear and vivid images along with a color production which remains consistent from any angle. Copper wiring is used so that the improved and sharper image quality can be observed. There is no question of blurred pictures in LG LCD TVs. It is embedded with a TruMotion 200Hz technology that provides clear and blur-free pictures even while watching sports or any pictures in motion. The background noise of LG LCD TVs can be adjusted along with the human voice so that one can enjoy the program to the maximum. The viewers can hear with perfect clarity from wherever they are sitting because of the hidden speakers which produce great sound.

Energy Efficient:

The LG LCD TVs are designed to be energy efficient. It uses only that much energy that is required. This is possible because of a sensor which can adjust the image colors and brightness according to the viewing area. LCD TVs from LG are giving a tough competition to other brands due to their superior picture quality, energy efficiency and stylish designs. While buying a LG LCD Television, one is sure of getting the maximum home entertainment. LG delivers unmatched quality. The quality of the picture, as well as that of the sound delivered by LG is among the finest in the industry. LCD TV from LG supports USB interface which helps in connecting the television with various external storage devices. The HDMI port helps the consumers to connect their television with various other audio and video sources including digital camcorders, home theatre, Blu-Ray player etc. 


With a host of features, like TruMotion Technology and Full 1080p HD Resolution, the consumers will find an LCD TV from LG designed to enhance their viewing experience. LG is a popular brand that is manufacturing LCD TVs of various models that have been able to impress the Indian customers most.

Bio: This is a guest post from Aahna Gaur who works with

Being as a Soldier

Gandhiji Said - "The day a woman can walk freely on the roads at night, that day we can say India has achieved independence"

I wish that day would come soon.!

But now Forget about the night duration safety, now a days we are not strong enough to say that 'our women can go out in a daytime and come home safe'.

This situation has come to our country,we should be ashamed of those people who are making our country's respect bad and thus reputation going in drain.

But inspite of so many things happening in our country few men stood by their women and other women in cause of protection and thus making their lives safe.
I am one of the men who stood their by for my sisters,cousins and others.They all ask me to come with them when ever they feel uncomfortable in the society.

That's the time i see my self as a #Soldier through them,their eyes say it all.They say 'we can feel protected and safe whenever i am present with them'.

This happened to be started right from the childhood.Whenever my sister goes for buying something she takes me with her.
Once i asked her 'why? are you taking me always with you.She said, I feel protected when you are beside me'.

Those words are still remembered and these words make me happy and strong enough to take any tough situation in my life.

They are the persons who made me look myself so special through their eyes.Thats a amazing feeling which cant be expressed by words.

The days when i really felt like a soldier :

Not only from my family the people outside my family feel protected when i am with them.This happend when i was a child of 12years the aunt beside my home was alone as her husband went out of station.
She has to sleep in her house alone with her two small girls,so she came to my mom and said everything and asked me to sleep for a few days in her home.

So i agreed to stay with her as my mom requested to do that.

My aunt was very happy that i accepted her invitation and said thanks.That night i really felt like a MAN and a soldier for women.

Next was at the age of 15years when i was going for the night tuition for matriculation exams. 
The tuition was ended in the late night at 11 o'clock we even have girls with us in the tuition so for their protection.
My Teacher appointed me to take care for group of girls protection and said to drop them till their doorstep.
Then from that day till the night tuition's have completed i used to go daily and drop them by their doorstep and come back to my home.

And at the final day all these girls have thanked me for going with them till their doorstep and they said you are a nice boy,that makes us feel comfortable & safe.

But I have to mention this thing for sure, even our society thinks in a very bad way.This thing has got worsen Even if the brother and sister walks on the road people look at them in a weird way.Thinking that they are boyfriend/Girlfriend/lovers.
I faced this things many times in my life till now.I feel pity on the society.
This mentality has to be changed from all our minds so that we can live happy without any misconceptions.

Even after many situations I didn't stop that thing till now.My cousins,sister and everyone i know feels comfortable and safe when i go with them.They ask me to come out with them and i cannot say No to them.
But in the end it makes me happy and a great feeling to be with them as a soldier for them.

These are the special moments in my life and hope i protect as many as possible from the wicked minded people present in this society.And i hope my duty "being as a soldier never ends".

Now i can proudly say that i am one of the Soldier For Women .

This post is a part of #Soldierforwomen in association with

Fable Game Series - 1,2,3 Overall Review

I have an emotional connection with the fable series. A bad one. I still remember the time when Fable 1 was advertised as a breakthrough with gaming and how over-hyped it was. It promised us an unique experience in which every decision we made changed our character in a minor but significant way. If you ask me  the choice-system in fable 3 is nothing but a parody of that promise.

But before I go on a long rant on this topic, let me introduce you to the game.  The fable franchise is a standard computer RPG (RolePlayingGame) without many elements that differentiate it from games like Two Worlds, Oblivion or Gothic. (If anything the amount of choices you have in those games is superior to fable).

If anything, the strongest element of this game is the story. You start out as prince who has to overcome the reign of his tyrant brother by unifying all the people of the land against him. And even though the story (which has it's funny and  enjoyable moments) is one of the problems with the game.  You have to do so much good to further the storyline that the evil choices that you do have seem so out of place and even comical that the only way you'll be evil is if you've consciously decided right from the beginning "I'll be evil".

Honestly the amount of choice you have in this game and the choices you have are in my honest opinion one of the worst aspects of this game. I would like to compare it to a game that executed the same concept well... well. In mass effect 2 you have choices are not just 'evil for the sake of being evil' but are 'evil for utilitarian purposes' or 'evil for the greater good'. This is far better because psychologically, in the real world no one is evil for the sake of evil. When presented with a choice of killing innocent  people you like  that are part of your social group and saving them everyone will save them.

Although one might say that this was done for comical purposes. And there might be some truth to that argument because Fable 3 has quite a lot of jokes in it. But the problem is that Fable one and the Fable series in general was always advertised as 'giving the player choice to create his character as he wants' which is simply not true. I might still be influenced by the disappointment that the Fable 1 marketing campaign has created in my heart, but still. Almost modern  every game that has "a good vs evil" choice system (Mass Effect, Star Wars KOTOR, Overlord, Fallout 3, Bioshock) executes it far better than the Fable series.

Another thing that almost any other computer RPG does better is the game play. Playing Fable 3 is just boring. The combat is broken to the point that melee weapons are absolutely useless while magic is so overpowered that even in the beginning of the game you can defeat whole groups of enemies with one click (while with a melee weapon it would take you at least 30 minutes of the most boring combat ever to do the same thing).

Navigating the game is also tedious. There's no menu, instead there's  a room which you have to navigate to make the smallest changes in your character. The game designers have decided that most games are just to comfortable and thought that the most exciting thing we do in our lives is looking through our wardrobe  to pick the right clothes.  If this is true for you this game allows you every opportunity to do such tedious things. Over and over again. To change your weapon you have to press escape to enter the room, navigate to another room, pick the exact podium where the weapon you want is located, pick it and then leave the room.
A similar procedure is required for any other change.

Another thing that's absolutely horrible about this game is the character interaction. Theoretically you can start a relationship with every NPC in the game, just like in Skyrim. But unlike skyrim where you actually talk to the NPCs, the interaction in Fable 3 is pretty much a carbon copy of the interaction in the sims series. Characters don't talk, they whistle, burp and dance. You have a number of expressions ( which you can get through the games leveling up system ,which is in itself very limited and doesn't allow for almost any customization) such as whistling, "chatting", dancing or burping, mechanically repeating those expression will make a NPC your friend, and in turn they will give you a very boring fetch quest. (Such as "Bring me a book from this place" or "Get this for me and I'll be your friend")

The one aspect of this game that I liked is the fact that you can actually buy almost every structure in the world, and then subsequently rent it out. But at the same time this brings me to another problem in this game. The economy is broken. Being good is banal in the first part of the game, but after you become king you need money to be good. To be exact you need almost 6 million to be completely good. Which isn't actually that hard to get, because in fable 3 it's very very easy to earn money.  But the problematic fact is that other than spending it on 'just being good' you have almost nothing to buy in Fable 3.  There are maybe 5-8 weapons to buy in this entire game.  What's the point of being a millionaire if you can't buy anything for the money you got? This again leads to the fact that this game is really biased towards making you a good guy. Because since you earn money almost automatically and you have nothing to spend it on it's very easy for you to save up money for the end of the game.

Well I think I have ranted on this game enough. Let me count some of the good aspects of this game. The plot is filled with unique humor, which is good in of itself. Although I myself never laughed at any of the jokes, I'm quite sure someone might.

The graphics are also very nice. Well this is a high-budget game so the producers probably thought that if they invest as much money as possible into graphics the game will be a success, and partially they were right. Trouble is that this game is now quite old and the graphics don't seem as impressive anymore. Which is another reason to avoid this game now.

In summary. If you really loved Fable 1 or Fable 2, or if you really want a computer RPG that tries to make you laugh with Jokes then I actually would recommend that you get this game. But on the other hand if you're expecting customization or the depth of gameplay that  Skyrim or Mass Effect offers you'll be very disappointed.

Final Rating  : 5/10

Author Bio :
Matt Neputin is a fiction writer who blogs about dark things and writes disturbing books .

Give us your comments on this article.We will reply asap.

Temple Run 2 -Free Download Now Available at Amazon,Google Play and AppStore

On the 17th Imangi Studios have announced its new game Temple Run 2 to the world of Gaming.It was a sudden surprise.

Temple Run 2 has now hit the stores in all the main platforms.

First it was released on the AppStore and now it has been released on the android markets also.

Now the temple run 2 is available at Amazon store and the Google play.

The game was introduced on the ipad and iphone with the ios software version.Now the Temple run 2 is also available on the android software versions.

You can download it for free from the below links.


Official Trailer of Temple Run 2 :

Download now and experience the long run of the temple run. Happy Gaming.

Latest PC Games 2013,2014 - Get Ready for Entertainment and Thrill

                    Latest PC Games - Get Ready for Entertainment and Thrill

Do you want to dive into the pool of gaming world and want to experience the new gaming wonders; here are the latest PC games to play.

Here i present you some of the most awaited/upcoming games of the 2013.

Command and Conquer 2013 : 

Developed by BioWare Victory this video game is a real-time strategy game. The present game is AAA Frostbite 2 Powered Game. Story revolves around world war where earth is infected by Tiberium.  The present game named as Command and Conquer: Generals 2 which is a free-to-play game.  


SimCity is the latest video game which is going to be released on March 5, 2013. Developed by Will Wight and published by Maxis SimCity first hit the market in 1989. The present version is the sixth in a row after the success of the previous versions.  In SimCity game user will be given an opportunity to build and develop a city by maintaining happiness of civilians with low budget.

Crysis 3:

German video game company Crytek is scheduled to release Crysis 3 on February 19, 2003. Crysis 3 is a third in a row in the series of Crysis games.  It is a first person shooter video game trilogy.  The story is all about future where a massive structure constructed by aliens discovered underneath the fictional Lingshan Islands near East Philippines.  You will play the game as US Army Officer Jake Dunn with the sign name Nomad.  Nomad is armed with futuristic equipment and weapons called Nano suit. In the newly launched game you will take revenge and save humanity.  You will fight through New York Liberty Dome’s seven wonders.

Dead Space 3:

Developed by EA Redwood Shores for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows Dead Space 3 is a horror 3rd person shooter video game. The present game is a third in a row after the success of previous versions.  The game is all about an engineer Isaac Clarke who fights with Necromorphs who were created from alien virus in the mining ship USG Ishimura. Dead Space 3 deals with unleashing secrete behind Necromorph outbreak.  In the newly launched game engineer Isaac Clarke and solider John Carver will land on frozen planet of Tau Volantis to put an end to outbreak.

Battlefield 3:

The story is takes place in New York and Iran where army officer Sergeant Henry Blackburn fights in the battlefield with enemies. The present game is third in the series of Battlefield original version which were developed by EA Digital Illusions CE

Most of the games are upcoming games mentioned above and they are yet to be announced.

If you want to experience the above amazing games, you can download them now. 

Author Bio : This article has been written by Maria Benson, a professional blogger. Maria Benson is interested in finance and politics and she has been writing articles on several such categories. Her hobbies include painting and reading, during free time. Her interests are researching on financial products and services and writing reviews on them. She is working on Ppi Claims and she is looking forward to posting a few articles on it.
If you fall short of money, you can apply for loans. Get payment protection insurance along with your loan. If you are out of job, you can apply for PPI claims. 

Love Marriage that changed the Attitude..!!

All are saying their opinion about the love marriage and arranged marriage.

Now i'll not say all that part, what i want to share with you is the love marriage that changed the attitude.This is not a story or a fake story but it has happened few months ago with my close pal.

Love Marriage that changed the Attitude..!!

It was as usual a cute love between one couple but that lead to huge difficulties and problems they faced after.
It happened like this when they were in the college doing B.Sc Degree they both were friends first then slowly friendship became Love.They both were a bright students in their college and after few years they completed degree and had a gap between them.
The boy was doing MCA PG Degree and as a part time he used to teach class's to the children of 8-10 grade.
Since they both were not meeting each other and  one day they met each other but unfortunately some of the girl's relatives saw with that boy this love matter had reached to the girls parents and they started searching a match for the girl.Fixed to arrange a match and make a arranged marriage for her.

Even the boy has expressed his feeling with his parents but as usual parents said a big NO.As she was a low caste girl and they disagreed.Even the girl parents don't want to get his child married to other caste.

I don't know who introduced the Caste system but if i was present at the time when it was introduced i used to give that person a left and right hits on his face.Otherwise with out that caste system India would be a far developed country a long back instead of a developing country.Due to that dumb fellow who invented this caste system made all this problems for all the people of India.

Reservations and all took birth due to this idiotic caste system, i can imagine a India with out a caste system but that was in my dream.With out any caste things,just treated as a human beings and the equal rights for every one and was a happy thing in world.Hope this will be in next generations at-least.

When the girl parents came to know about the love matter they sent a gang to beat up the guy and rounded him one day when no was there and beat him badly.Then after the girl parents are trying to make a match for her the girl then boy has done a wrong step.

Then after boy has took the girl away and kept at a friends home only when the girl has agreed for that he has done that.And then the girl parents had took police help and found her.They warned him to forget the girl and leave her alone.Again he was beaten up badly even after that he never forgot the girl.

One night they both ran away from home this time fully planned and fully precautionary steps about the last time faults.No phone contacts,no address for anyone they both went away and the girl parents filed a police complaint on the boy parents and that made his father and brother into the custody of police.

His father and brother were taken to police station and his brother was beaten up to tell the truth but how he can say when he doesn't know anything about his elder brother.Then they gave him 1week time to get them and handover to them.But no use weeks passed,months passed away but no information on the couple.Then the boy father said to his family that our elder son no more for us ,all of you forget him even he is alive forget him think he is dead.He said all this because he loved a girl and went against his wish.

Even  police didn't left his friends they tortured the friends of the couple but the friends are friends right they didn't utter a single word.

Even police couldn't find them that much prepared they went and finally one day the information has received that they were in a place called warangal working as a teachers in that school.They were earning there by teaching and the girl parents and police went to that place.
They were at the school gate and couldn't enter beyond that gate since he got all the support from that area and he build his support.The girl parents couldn't do anything & even police since she was a major.

Then all of them stepped back and left and the girl parents signed for taking back of the case filed on the boy parents.

His mother was till then angry then by that incident even she changed and convinced his husband.At-last the boy fathers heart melted down and asked his boy to come home.

Then recently they came home and they accepted his marriage and now living happily in their own home.
After all this high drama the story ends in a happy ending and by this i want to say is that a love marriage has changed the mindset of the people who don't agree love marriages in past but not any more.

I want to conclude and end my pen by saying that loving is not a sin,if parents would have agreed he would have not faced this many problems,Fathers and mothers my request is that understand your child feelings and  talked with him don't go wild.Please think i hope this real article have lighten up some minds.

For the love and dedication he showed in her girl to achieve her and marry her.This should be taken has a positive way like if we want anything we should die hard working to get that thing the end result will automatically a fruit for sure.The above words says it all.So parents please support your children.

Finally i will say Love Marriage that changed the Attitude..!!

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