Latest PC Games 2013,2014 - Get Ready for Entertainment and Thrill

                    Latest PC Games - Get Ready for Entertainment and Thrill

Do you want to dive into the pool of gaming world and want to experience the new gaming wonders; here are the latest PC games to play.

Here i present you some of the most awaited/upcoming games of the 2013.

Command and Conquer 2013 : 

Developed by BioWare Victory this video game is a real-time strategy game. The present game is AAA Frostbite 2 Powered Game. Story revolves around world war where earth is infected by Tiberium.  The present game named as Command and Conquer: Generals 2 which is a free-to-play game.  


SimCity is the latest video game which is going to be released on March 5, 2013. Developed by Will Wight and published by Maxis SimCity first hit the market in 1989. The present version is the sixth in a row after the success of the previous versions.  In SimCity game user will be given an opportunity to build and develop a city by maintaining happiness of civilians with low budget.

Crysis 3:

German video game company Crytek is scheduled to release Crysis 3 on February 19, 2003. Crysis 3 is a third in a row in the series of Crysis games.  It is a first person shooter video game trilogy.  The story is all about future where a massive structure constructed by aliens discovered underneath the fictional Lingshan Islands near East Philippines.  You will play the game as US Army Officer Jake Dunn with the sign name Nomad.  Nomad is armed with futuristic equipment and weapons called Nano suit. In the newly launched game you will take revenge and save humanity.  You will fight through New York Liberty Dome’s seven wonders.

Dead Space 3:

Developed by EA Redwood Shores for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows Dead Space 3 is a horror 3rd person shooter video game. The present game is a third in a row after the success of previous versions.  The game is all about an engineer Isaac Clarke who fights with Necromorphs who were created from alien virus in the mining ship USG Ishimura. Dead Space 3 deals with unleashing secrete behind Necromorph outbreak.  In the newly launched game engineer Isaac Clarke and solider John Carver will land on frozen planet of Tau Volantis to put an end to outbreak.

Battlefield 3:

The story is takes place in New York and Iran where army officer Sergeant Henry Blackburn fights in the battlefield with enemies. The present game is third in the series of Battlefield original version which were developed by EA Digital Illusions CE

Most of the games are upcoming games mentioned above and they are yet to be announced.

If you want to experience the above amazing games, you can download them now. 

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