Love Marriage that changed the Attitude..!!

All are saying their opinion about the love marriage and arranged marriage.

Now i'll not say all that part, what i want to share with you is the love marriage that changed the attitude.This is not a story or a fake story but it has happened few months ago with my close pal.

Love Marriage that changed the Attitude..!!

It was as usual a cute love between one couple but that lead to huge difficulties and problems they faced after.
It happened like this when they were in the college doing B.Sc Degree they both were friends first then slowly friendship became Love.They both were a bright students in their college and after few years they completed degree and had a gap between them.
The boy was doing MCA PG Degree and as a part time he used to teach class's to the children of 8-10 grade.
Since they both were not meeting each other and  one day they met each other but unfortunately some of the girl's relatives saw with that boy this love matter had reached to the girls parents and they started searching a match for the girl.Fixed to arrange a match and make a arranged marriage for her.

Even the boy has expressed his feeling with his parents but as usual parents said a big NO.As she was a low caste girl and they disagreed.Even the girl parents don't want to get his child married to other caste.

I don't know who introduced the Caste system but if i was present at the time when it was introduced i used to give that person a left and right hits on his face.Otherwise with out that caste system India would be a far developed country a long back instead of a developing country.Due to that dumb fellow who invented this caste system made all this problems for all the people of India.

Reservations and all took birth due to this idiotic caste system, i can imagine a India with out a caste system but that was in my dream.With out any caste things,just treated as a human beings and the equal rights for every one and was a happy thing in world.Hope this will be in next generations at-least.

When the girl parents came to know about the love matter they sent a gang to beat up the guy and rounded him one day when no was there and beat him badly.Then after the girl parents are trying to make a match for her the girl then boy has done a wrong step.

Then after boy has took the girl away and kept at a friends home only when the girl has agreed for that he has done that.And then the girl parents had took police help and found her.They warned him to forget the girl and leave her alone.Again he was beaten up badly even after that he never forgot the girl.

One night they both ran away from home this time fully planned and fully precautionary steps about the last time faults.No phone contacts,no address for anyone they both went away and the girl parents filed a police complaint on the boy parents and that made his father and brother into the custody of police.

His father and brother were taken to police station and his brother was beaten up to tell the truth but how he can say when he doesn't know anything about his elder brother.Then they gave him 1week time to get them and handover to them.But no use weeks passed,months passed away but no information on the couple.Then the boy father said to his family that our elder son no more for us ,all of you forget him even he is alive forget him think he is dead.He said all this because he loved a girl and went against his wish.

Even  police didn't left his friends they tortured the friends of the couple but the friends are friends right they didn't utter a single word.

Even police couldn't find them that much prepared they went and finally one day the information has received that they were in a place called warangal working as a teachers in that school.They were earning there by teaching and the girl parents and police went to that place.
They were at the school gate and couldn't enter beyond that gate since he got all the support from that area and he build his support.The girl parents couldn't do anything & even police since she was a major.

Then all of them stepped back and left and the girl parents signed for taking back of the case filed on the boy parents.

His mother was till then angry then by that incident even she changed and convinced his husband.At-last the boy fathers heart melted down and asked his boy to come home.

Then recently they came home and they accepted his marriage and now living happily in their own home.
After all this high drama the story ends in a happy ending and by this i want to say is that a love marriage has changed the mindset of the people who don't agree love marriages in past but not any more.

I want to conclude and end my pen by saying that loving is not a sin,if parents would have agreed he would have not faced this many problems,Fathers and mothers my request is that understand your child feelings and  talked with him don't go wild.Please think i hope this real article have lighten up some minds.

For the love and dedication he showed in her girl to achieve her and marry her.This should be taken has a positive way like if we want anything we should die hard working to get that thing the end result will automatically a fruit for sure.The above words says it all.So parents please support your children.

Finally i will say Love Marriage that changed the Attitude..!!

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  1. I liked your article, and hopefully continue blogging, Greetings

  2. Article seems to be a touching story.!! but the Generations are changing and Time is not same So Parents need to change to make their kids Happy

  3. Thanks for the comment.Hope you liked it.:)