Game Tips in Counter Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero


Clutching is the art of handling 1 v X situations to turn the game to your own favour by outwitting or out-shooting your opponents.Here are some of the general tips that one should keep in mind :

1. The main concern of a clutch situation should always be the time factor. Depending on the time left for the round, different strategies can be applied to turn the odds to your favour.

2. Never plant the bomb and give away your location if you have enough time left. Instead wait in the most probable path of rotation to get some free frags. However if you have very less time left, its always best to put the bomb down, as it fetches your team members an extra 800 $ each.

3. In maps like de_nuke, spam to cause distraction by sounds and give a wrong impression of your actual position. For eg. you can break the ducts by spamming the upper floor and make the opponents think you are in the lower bombsite coming out of the ducts while you are actually in the upper bombsite.

4. Remember that the sounds of picking up the c4 and any weapon is almost identical. So if you see the bomb dropped, you can drop your weapon and pick it up again and wait for the defender to peek, who would think that you picked up the bomb and probably turned back.

*5*. Try to make as less noise as possible. Techniques like silent run are best in these situations. And always try to fool the opponents by making smart use of sounds. For eg. the breaking of lights at the ramp in de_nuke make a sound identical to breaking the ducts. This would distract the defenders making them to expect you coming out of the ducts instead of the ramp. Also the chucking of a smoke grenade makes a similar sound to that of a flash grenade. you can throw a smoke to make the well positioned defenders to turn away thinking that it might be a flash and you can peek to get the exact position of the defender..

6. Try to go for silent defuses if you sense your enemy at a large distance or if you have less time left. Otherwise make the defusing sound and wait for your enemy to peek. If you have have plenty of time left charge towards the most probable position and kill him first instead of straightway going for the defuse avoiding any scope of the hiding enemy to waste time.

7. Defending a dropped bomb in a 1-o-1 situation, dont peek the moment you hear your enemy pick up the bomb. Wait for a second and you will get him by his back instead of a crosshair waiting for your head to peek. In a 1-o-2 or more situation, dont stay near the bomb,instead stay in the path where they are likely to go after picking up the bomb.

8. Always make sure to change your positions if you get frags one by one as the dying person may spot you before dying and convey the same info to his team-mates before his screen goes completely black.

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How to play in a Clan match.?? main thing is "Communication"!!


Communication happens to be one of he most important aspect of the game since it's a team game.A great communication among the team-mates is what sets the difference between a good team and a great team.Here are some of the general tips that one should keep in mind:- 

1. Always say what you exactly saw. Dont draw hasty conclusions. For eg. if a nade and a flash comes inside B in de_dust2, you call the same but dont make the mistake of drawing a conclusion that the opponents are rushing unless you actually hear them rushing.

2. Use the voice-communication or bind usual messages/radio commands to keys to communicate faster with your team-mates. But keep in mind not to include insignificant stuff, as the messages cause a lot of distraction for any team-mate of yours.

3. Always name each and every part of the map so that you could specify the positions precisely. This proves quite useful for spamming and guessing the rotation of the opponents, with the proper communication from your team-mates.

4.Practise shortcuts in game while playing in clan so that other team doesnt follow your commands.
eg: as(Bombsite a short),al(Bombsite a long) in De_Dust2.


Spamming Tips in CounterStrike Game


Spamming is the art of shooting your opponents penetrating through walls,doors or any other thin textures without exposing yourself.
Here are some of the general tips that one should keep in mind :
1. Concept of Double-Textures : The art of avoiding being spammed IE. whenever you take cover behind a double or more texture you wont get spammed.

2. Concept of Silencer of Colt : Not only hides your direction and position from your enemy, it also serves the purpose of letting you hear whether or not you are spamming correctly as it itself doesn't cause much sound.

3. Concept of Spamming with sounds : Try to follow the sounds and go for intelligent guesses of your enemy positions, before you start spamming. Also go for short bursts instead of spraying enabling you to follow the "aah" sound or the bullet hitting the head sound.

4. Spam mostly when you are waiting for backup or at the beginning of the round after taking necessary cover. Never spam when there is a chance that the opponent might pop out and shoot you and you couldn't do anything because you already emptied your magzine.

Mostly seen in Nuke map.


CS1.6/CZ/CS GO GameTips

General Tips :-

Here are some of the general tips that one should keep in mind :

1. Always make sure that you avoid the enemy crosshair before you peek. You might use a flash before you peek a certain angle.

2. If possible peek as a team. If you peek together with another of your team-mate from two different angles it always causes quite a trouble for the opponent to concentrate at one of you.

3. It doesnt matter whether you are left-handed or right-handed in-game, but its always the right shoulder thats spotted first instead of the left one. So make sure you dont mess with you   r opponent peeking with his left shoulder while you are peeking with your right shoulder (especially when you are awping).

4. Again if you are closer to an object eg. a wall, you'll be spotted earlier by the opponent who is farther from the wall. For eg. the de_dust2 DD. The T approaching A-short will spot earlier the CT who's standing by the DD near CT spawn aiming A-short.

5. You can always peek over a cloud of smoke. At the same time you can also spot the feet underneath the smoke. Remember if you are using a smoke to take cover, be on the right side of the chucking direction as the smoke puffs fly towards the right hand side.

6. Irrespective of the right or left handed model, the nades are always appear to be hold by your right hand.

7. Crouching expands your body horizontally. So avoid ducking when you are hiding by any edge. Also doors and thin walled textures makes your guns visible through them if you are facing them. For eg. the squeaky door,the cabin wall of de_nuke,the hallway door of de_inferno,all the double doors of de_dust2.


Best Tips to play online Gaming in Counterstrike


Peeking is the art of cautiously popping out to check out for enemies generally from edges and corners of maps.It can broadly be classified into the following types :

1. Normal Peeking : You just strafe out the edge for a second and strafe back to cover.

2. Jiggle Peeking : You jump and strafe out the edge and strafe back mid-air to cover.

3. Crouch Peeking : 1. You crouch and move forward to peek slowly (generally to peek a higher ground).

4. You duck repeatedly to peek over a cover.

5. Jump Peeking : You jump repeatedly to peek over a cover (generally to peek higher than the crouch peek).


Sound info in Cs 1.6 ~ Sound Tips in Cs,Cz

The proper and intelligent use of sounds in-game proves to be a powerful weapons for any player.Here are some of the general info and suggestions for taking the mximum benefit out of the sounds :

1. The scoping of an awp, switching of weapons, breaking of ducts and windows, reloading, putting a silencer in colt/usp and footsteps are the common sounds that are used to predict the position of the opponents.

2. Chucking a hand grenade over some particular walls yeilds an "uff" sound if anyone's camping there. For eg. the nade over the walls of whitehalls in de_train, the nade over the walls of the tunnel in bombsite B in de_dust2 and the nade over the roof and walls in the hallway in de_inferno.

3. The chucking of a smoke grenade makes a similar sound to that of a flash grenade. The breaking of lights at the ramp in de_nuke make a sound identical to breaking the ducts.These anomalies could be put to maximum use in clutch situations for outwtting your opponents.

4. Walking by the edge of steel textures (like the ramp in de_nuke, top of trains in de_train) doesn't make the typical sound of walking on steel.

5. Turning on the flashlight as soon as pressing the "use" button doesnt make the sound of defusing, instead it just makes the sound of turning on the flashlight. Similar effects can be obtained by firing any loud gun like an awp or cv47. Also continuously pressing the use button at the start of defusing doesnt make the typical defusing sound. This technique is known as the Silent Defuse Technique.

6. There are some map specific sounds that also give away the position once they are crossed over.

some tips in few maps:-


i) Jet Sound Trigger : The trigger is a box which is located at a certain height in the site. It starts at the top of the trains and ends half way up the big sniper nest ladder.

Delay before triggering sound: 4 seconds
Delay before sound can be triggered again: 180 seconds
Radius of the sound: Everywhere

ii) Pop Dog Barking Sound Trigger : There are 2 of these triggers which are located under each pop dog train. These triggers are activated when someone goes underneath the train.

Delay before triggering sound: 3 seconds
Delay before sound can be triggered again: 200 seconds
Radius of the sounds: Medium

iii) Birds Alley Sound Trigger : There is only one trigger on the alley. The trigger spans from near the blue dustbin in the wall to around the corner.

Delay before triggering sound: 2 seconds
Delay before sound can be triggered again: 90 seconds
Radious of the sound: Small

de_aztec :

i) Thunder Sound Trigger : There are 2 thunder triggers, the first is located in the middle of the bridge and the second is located the scale of the stairs on the right of the water.

Delay before triggering sound: 0 seconds
DDelay before sound can be triggered again: 45 seconds
Radius of the sound: Everywhere

There are numerous other such map-specific sounds in different maps.Try finding out these......:-)



The way money is distributed in CS engine is a bit complicated. But a clear understanding of the money system is of extreme importance, especially to the strat-caller of the team.Here I have made an humble attempt to break it down as simply as possible.

1. Winning a round as CT always fetches you 3250 $ each irrespective of how you win the round--whether its a target save, whole opponent team elimination or defusing the bomb. However, as T if you win the round with the c4 blasting the team gets 3500 $ each.

2. Losing the first round fetches you 1400 $ and 500 $ (losing bonus) extra for every subsequent loss. But if your first lost round is after a win the counter starts from 1500 $. The maximum amount that you reach is 3500 $. Every bomb plant fetches each team member 800 $ (if at all they proceed to lose the round).

3. The losing bonus gets reset in either of the two ways. Firstly, if you win a round in-between. Secondly, if you save out ie. if you are not dead after losing the round. The one who saves out doesnt get the round money. However if the save out losing round is after a win, then the losing bonus doesnt get reset but the upper limit reduces to 3000 $.

4. There are two conditions where the save out doesnt count. Firstly, if you, as CT, die in the c4 blast. Secondly, if you, as T, manage to escape but the c4 gets defused.

5. Always type your balance in the freezetime before buying so that the team-leader can call whether or not to go for an eco. Also you can avoid going for a full buy when your rest of the team is broke and are probably going for an eco.

6. Always try to make your opponents save-out although aiming at reducing the no to as low as possible. When you yourself are going for a save-out keep in mind the financial condition of your team and also the gun that you are saving is really worth saving in the given situation.

7. If you have a balance of 10000 $ or above offer to buy guns fo your team-mates. Because of the fact that you can possess a max amount of 16000 $ consecutive wins wont be of much benefit. Rather buying guns for your team-mates would provide the scope of increasing the avg balance of the team.

8. If you are dropping guns for your team-mates, dont buy until you make sure that the person has no guns to drop, that you might prefer to play with. And always remember that ammo is non-tranferable.


Movement Tips in Counter Strike...

Apart from shooting,the second most important aspect of the game where individual skill comes into play is the movements.Here are some of the advanced techniques that are used besides the usual running,strafing,ducking and walking in the game :

1. SILENT RUN : Its a technique whereby repeated ducking is used instead of walking to move silently,the difference being the fact that silent run is faster than walking.Also it makes you a pretty unsteady target for aiming headshots by your enemy.The only disadvantage of silent run when compared to walking is that there is a significant reduction of your own accuracy while moving.

2. FAST RUN : This technique is one of the least discussed topics yet a very useful one in the game.This is pretty easy to master; you have just to keep pressing the strafe button at regular intervals while moving forward.In other words,its like moving forward facing the wall.A practice map for this purpose would be go_fastrun.

3. EDGE BUG : This happens to be one of the glitches of the game whereby you can jump from great heights to an edge of some sort without having to sacrifice any HP.However this technique is pretty difficult to master and has very little significance in matches.

4. JUMP BUG : It happens to be another exploit of the game engine. To utilise this bug you have to jump from a decent height pressing duck and when you are xctly 4 units above the ground you have release the duck and jump simultaneously.That way you wont be losing any HP no matter from what height you jump. Sounds simple but in actual practice its pretty tough.

5. BUNNYHOP AND MID-AIR STRAFING : Well...thanx to SnK, I wouldnt have to explain much on this topic.Just go through his thread and you'll get more than enough information and explanation on how to bhop.It would take care of all sorts of jumps namely Long-jumps,Bhop Long-jump,High Jumps,Countjumps,Weird Jumps and Ladder Jumps.

6. DOUBLE DUCK TECHNIQUE : This is the technique whereby you press crouch twice to make small jumps instead of using the jump key.Isnt much of use but nice trick to show off.

7. MOVEMENT IN LADDERS : You have the least accuracy of shooting when you are clinging to any ladder.The fastest way to climb up a ladder is to press W/S + A/D at the same time while climbing up or down the ladder.In order to move silently in ladders use the duck key. Alternatively, you could also climb up or down silently by keeping you crosshair just about 15-30 degree below the horinzontal.Jumping down from heights and clinging to any ladder doesnt make you lose any HP.Also ducking at the xct moment you cling to the ladder after dropping down from great heights doesnt cause any sounds too..


Shooting Tips in Counter Strike...

The most basic requirement of Counter Strike, like any other FPS game, is shooting. And this is the field where every individual has his own concepts and fundas. Since I aint a pro, I wont bore you ppl with my own personal experience and concepts. My only advice would be practice and devolop your own concepts and shooting style based on your own experience and observation. 

However here are some of the tips and tricks which may be of some help :

1. The ammo gets transferred to your arsenal only when you pick up guns of those who have dropped dead irrespective of the team. Otherwise the guns that you pick up, contains bullets left in the first magazine only. The guns that you drop while you are alive, contains only the first magazine and the ammo stays with your arsenal.

2. So it can easily be figured out that, try to pick up guns of your enemy so that when anyone in the opponent team needs to pick up the same gun, they wont have extra ammo. However keep in mind that when your team-mates need to pick up guns in the viscinity never pick up any gun and drop it back because that way you'll be depriving him of the ammo and keeping it all by yourself.

3. The ammo of glock and smg are the same. The ammo for galil,famas,m4a1,bull-pup,kreig are the same. The bullets for ak47 and awp are unique of their kind.

4. Always try to juggle away any guns in viscinity and try to avoid it being picked up by the opponent. This has to kept in mind specially when playing with the opponent team in an eco round. When you are doing an eco, try to find out where there is max possibility of finding guns dropped.


Counter Strike Guide

Here's an humble effort to provide some basic information on the various important aspects of COUNTER STRIKE in a concise manner in the form of an article accompanied by usefull matter.It's the result of my personal research and experience of over 2 years of association with Counter Strike.......

Irrespective of your proficiency level in the game,whether you are a pro or a noob,I hope you'd find this article useful in one way or the other.Plz feel free to make necessary corrections and post in your valuable suggestions for improvements...


Counter Strike The Famous Multiplayer Game

CounterStrike is a team-based game in which players join either the Terrorists (T) or the Counter-Terrorists (CT). Each round starts with the two teams spawning simultaneously; usually they are given a few seconds before the round starts to buy equipment (weapons, ammunition, armor, etc.). Usually, they can buy more equipment in the first 90 seconds after the round starts, depending on the server settings, and provided they are in a designated "buy zone" for their team.

The goal of the game is to complete the level's objectives (e.g., the Terrorists may have to plant a bomb) or to eliminate the opposing force within the given time limit. The round ends when a team wins the round or when the round's time limit is reached. The game tracks how many players each player has killed, how many times they have died, and gives players money for killing enemies or completing team objectives. It also tracks how many times each team has won. Both teams receive additional money at the beginning of the next round, with the winners of the last round receiving more money than the losers. Surviving players retain their equipment but those who have died must buy new equipment.

Any players killed before the round is over become "ghosts"; their chat/voice messages cannot be seen/heard by the players still alive, they become invisible, but they are able to watch the rest of the round. 
The developers of Counter-Strike have added several restrictions to this system over the years to prevent spying ghosts from communicating with those still playing. For example, ghosts cannot change their names until a new round begins because in early versions, dead players could communicate with the living by changing their names (e.g., Mr_He_Is_behind_you). Depending on server configuration, ghosts may or may not have possibility of floating freely anywhere on the map.

 The default in early versions was to allow the ghosts to float freely, but this default was changed later because dead players spied on the living and could communicate through alternative media (most notably voice in case of Internet cafes).

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  • The game is a fast-paced yet tactical shooter, in a similar vein as the "Tom Clancy's" series of shooters. Pacing is fast, in the sense that players die in one or two hits from some guns, though gameplay is not nearly as fast-paced as Unreal Tournament.

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