Sound info in Cs 1.6 ~ Sound Tips in Cs,Cz

The proper and intelligent use of sounds in-game proves to be a powerful weapons for any player.Here are some of the general info and suggestions for taking the mximum benefit out of the sounds :

1. The scoping of an awp, switching of weapons, breaking of ducts and windows, reloading, putting a silencer in colt/usp and footsteps are the common sounds that are used to predict the position of the opponents.

2. Chucking a hand grenade over some particular walls yeilds an "uff" sound if anyone's camping there. For eg. the nade over the walls of whitehalls in de_train, the nade over the walls of the tunnel in bombsite B in de_dust2 and the nade over the roof and walls in the hallway in de_inferno.

3. The chucking of a smoke grenade makes a similar sound to that of a flash grenade. The breaking of lights at the ramp in de_nuke make a sound identical to breaking the ducts.These anomalies could be put to maximum use in clutch situations for outwtting your opponents.

4. Walking by the edge of steel textures (like the ramp in de_nuke, top of trains in de_train) doesn't make the typical sound of walking on steel.

5. Turning on the flashlight as soon as pressing the "use" button doesnt make the sound of defusing, instead it just makes the sound of turning on the flashlight. Similar effects can be obtained by firing any loud gun like an awp or cv47. Also continuously pressing the use button at the start of defusing doesnt make the typical defusing sound. This technique is known as the Silent Defuse Technique.

6. There are some map specific sounds that also give away the position once they are crossed over.

some tips in few maps:-


i) Jet Sound Trigger : The trigger is a box which is located at a certain height in the site. It starts at the top of the trains and ends half way up the big sniper nest ladder.

Delay before triggering sound: 4 seconds
Delay before sound can be triggered again: 180 seconds
Radius of the sound: Everywhere

ii) Pop Dog Barking Sound Trigger : There are 2 of these triggers which are located under each pop dog train. These triggers are activated when someone goes underneath the train.

Delay before triggering sound: 3 seconds
Delay before sound can be triggered again: 200 seconds
Radius of the sounds: Medium

iii) Birds Alley Sound Trigger : There is only one trigger on the alley. The trigger spans from near the blue dustbin in the wall to around the corner.

Delay before triggering sound: 2 seconds
Delay before sound can be triggered again: 90 seconds
Radious of the sound: Small

de_aztec :

i) Thunder Sound Trigger : There are 2 thunder triggers, the first is located in the middle of the bridge and the second is located the scale of the stairs on the right of the water.

Delay before triggering sound: 0 seconds
DDelay before sound can be triggered again: 45 seconds
Radius of the sound: Everywhere

There are numerous other such map-specific sounds in different maps.Try finding out these......:-)

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