Spamming Tips in CounterStrike Game


Spamming is the art of shooting your opponents penetrating through walls,doors or any other thin textures without exposing yourself.
Here are some of the general tips that one should keep in mind :
1. Concept of Double-Textures : The art of avoiding being spammed IE. whenever you take cover behind a double or more texture you wont get spammed.

2. Concept of Silencer of Colt : Not only hides your direction and position from your enemy, it also serves the purpose of letting you hear whether or not you are spamming correctly as it itself doesn't cause much sound.

3. Concept of Spamming with sounds : Try to follow the sounds and go for intelligent guesses of your enemy positions, before you start spamming. Also go for short bursts instead of spraying enabling you to follow the "aah" sound or the bullet hitting the head sound.

4. Spam mostly when you are waiting for backup or at the beginning of the round after taking necessary cover. Never spam when there is a chance that the opponent might pop out and shoot you and you couldn't do anything because you already emptied your magzine.

Mostly seen in Nuke map.

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