How to play in a Clan match.?? main thing is "Communication"!!


Communication happens to be one of he most important aspect of the game since it's a team game.A great communication among the team-mates is what sets the difference between a good team and a great team.Here are some of the general tips that one should keep in mind:- 

1. Always say what you exactly saw. Dont draw hasty conclusions. For eg. if a nade and a flash comes inside B in de_dust2, you call the same but dont make the mistake of drawing a conclusion that the opponents are rushing unless you actually hear them rushing.

2. Use the voice-communication or bind usual messages/radio commands to keys to communicate faster with your team-mates. But keep in mind not to include insignificant stuff, as the messages cause a lot of distraction for any team-mate of yours.

3. Always name each and every part of the map so that you could specify the positions precisely. This proves quite useful for spamming and guessing the rotation of the opponents, with the proper communication from your team-mates.

4.Practise shortcuts in game while playing in clan so that other team doesnt follow your commands.
eg: as(Bombsite a short),al(Bombsite a long) in De_Dust2.