Being as a Soldier

Gandhiji Said - "The day a woman can walk freely on the roads at night, that day we can say India has achieved independence"

I wish that day would come soon.!

But now Forget about the night duration safety, now a days we are not strong enough to say that 'our women can go out in a daytime and come home safe'.

This situation has come to our country,we should be ashamed of those people who are making our country's respect bad and thus reputation going in drain.

But inspite of so many things happening in our country few men stood by their women and other women in cause of protection and thus making their lives safe.
I am one of the men who stood their by for my sisters,cousins and others.They all ask me to come with them when ever they feel uncomfortable in the society.

That's the time i see my self as a #Soldier through them,their eyes say it all.They say 'we can feel protected and safe whenever i am present with them'.

This happened to be started right from the childhood.Whenever my sister goes for buying something she takes me with her.
Once i asked her 'why? are you taking me always with you.She said, I feel protected when you are beside me'.

Those words are still remembered and these words make me happy and strong enough to take any tough situation in my life.

They are the persons who made me look myself so special through their eyes.Thats a amazing feeling which cant be expressed by words.

The days when i really felt like a soldier :

Not only from my family the people outside my family feel protected when i am with them.This happend when i was a child of 12years the aunt beside my home was alone as her husband went out of station.
She has to sleep in her house alone with her two small girls,so she came to my mom and said everything and asked me to sleep for a few days in her home.

So i agreed to stay with her as my mom requested to do that.

My aunt was very happy that i accepted her invitation and said thanks.That night i really felt like a MAN and a soldier for women.

Next was at the age of 15years when i was going for the night tuition for matriculation exams. 
The tuition was ended in the late night at 11 o'clock we even have girls with us in the tuition so for their protection.
My Teacher appointed me to take care for group of girls protection and said to drop them till their doorstep.
Then from that day till the night tuition's have completed i used to go daily and drop them by their doorstep and come back to my home.

And at the final day all these girls have thanked me for going with them till their doorstep and they said you are a nice boy,that makes us feel comfortable & safe.

But I have to mention this thing for sure, even our society thinks in a very bad way.This thing has got worsen Even if the brother and sister walks on the road people look at them in a weird way.Thinking that they are boyfriend/Girlfriend/lovers.
I faced this things many times in my life till now.I feel pity on the society.
This mentality has to be changed from all our minds so that we can live happy without any misconceptions.

Even after many situations I didn't stop that thing till now.My cousins,sister and everyone i know feels comfortable and safe when i go with them.They ask me to come out with them and i cannot say No to them.
But in the end it makes me happy and a great feeling to be with them as a soldier for them.

These are the special moments in my life and hope i protect as many as possible from the wicked minded people present in this society.And i hope my duty "being as a soldier never ends".

Now i can proudly say that i am one of the Soldier For Women .

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  1. Standing by women when they need you is the best thing you can do and as you said, 'you saw the look in their eyes,' such respect is hard to get.

  2. Yeah Mam you said it right.
    Everyone helps everyone but the help given by a individual on a right situation is more important than the normal one.
    I should accept that I am lucky to get such respect from the women :)
    That's the most happy moments of the life.:)

  3. Very interesting & thoughtful initiative! Lovely blog! Thanks for sharing:)

  4. So nice..
    The person who feels like you is really a great soldier :D and hatsoff. to them..
    and as mentioned by you this line is very true..The mentality has to be changed from all our minds i.e whenever Even if the brother and sister walks on the road people look at them in a weird way.

  5. Thanks Sirisha for such nice words :)