Shree Bose – An Inspiration for many Indian Students

She is an Indian who lives in United States of America also started her education at the same place.
Due to the different standards of education in USA she has got interest in the field of science and technology.

That led to grow many ideas in her and made her think to innovate something new right from the child hood.
May be it’s her family circle has influenced on the science since her dad was a employee in a big company related to the science.
Her tutor was her own brother every day he used to teach her physics and that made her more interest towards the science.

In a interview she speaks of her interest in science and technology that made her participate in many quests and science fair right from school.
Also she won many science competitions for making innovative models and things.

As children are not much interested in eating leaf vegetables she taught why don’t I make these vegetables attractive? 
By that they love to eat these leafy vegetables.
Then that made her do an innovative experiment with the spinach turning its green colour to purple colour.

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Slowly this went growing and growing in interest towards the science. At the age of 15 she was more in to the science and getting attached to the science. One day her close relative[Grandfather] had death due to cancer disease. So at that movement she wants to get the knowledge of why does the cancer occurs in human?

Then she approached for many hospitals and research centers by writing her request letter to do a research on this problem and get the knowledge of it. But sadly no one has given the chance.

After many attempts one research institution member Dr .Alakananda has given her a chance of research learning and which led to innovation of a disease cure.
This was the same thing published in the first ever Google’s science fair and she won the first prize for this achievement.

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She was selected as first prize winner for the first ever Google science fair held in the US. For her great interest in science to achieve knowledge of new concepts and methods and to find a cure for a disease made her stand different from her co-students.

Everyone should get inspired by shree bose and also we need to create new education systems in India so that every child gets a good education.

US education has different education standards they concentrate on practical knowledge gaining rather than the book knowledge. They let the students do the experiments which are present in their schedule and by that they can be enrichment of knowledge for them.

Even our Indian government should take such steps to improve our education system. We should be happy that our education system has developed from recent years. We can expect more improvements in this education system so that child can get good knowledge and implement it in near future.

Personally I got inspired by her TedxGateway Speech and congratulate her for the achievement she made till now. I hope she continues in this field of science and make more innovations for the world.

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