New video game for cat lovers

If you have a cat and a new iPad then you might be excited to know that Nestle Purinas Friskies brand cat food product manager decided to go a step in a new direction and create a new Friskies app back in 2011 that allows people to interact, so to speak, with their own cats. The idea was simple enough there was a screen with floating fish and while most kitties only walked by the iPad and paid no attention some saw it as an opportunity to find out what was going on with those fish on the screen and decided to throw a paw are two at it. After about 500,000 downloads of the app for Android tablets have occurred it seems that there are quite a few cat lovers that have found themselves fascinated by this game and they unveiled a seventh game for cats this past March.
Watching cats do funny things through online videos have always been something that people love to do, especially those who love cats. This is why the company believes that the latest version of the game will be perfect. It gives cat owners something different to do with their beloved pet that they normally would not be able to do play video games that is. Perhaps the cats may like playing the games so much that they will become interested in other games that feature animals on them that will be released later this summer, or perhaps not. You can never tell.  Finding something that both cats and humans can interact together in was not easy, especially when it comes to playing games on something like a computer, but that is exactly what is going on here.  The company even has a site dedicated to those who have decided to upload their videos online of them and their cats playing the game. You can even share the videos on popular social media sites like Facebook. 

Heading in this direction you will find that more companies may be doing what Friskies has done and that is offer a way for their customers to interact with their pets and their branding name online at the same time while offering something that is unique online to what they offer. With over 300,000 videos uploaded and hundreds of thousands of fans on their social media page, they decided to take it a step further and move on to YouTube.  Creating a game online that was dedicated for cats and their owners was absolutely brilliant, but now there will be other online gaming companies looking to see what they will be able to offer as for as competing with that type of ingenious thinking.  Surely there will be some new and exciting video games to be released this summer so it will be interesting to see what excitement and fun they have to offer all of those who are interested in playing online games. The best part about many online games is that you do not have to pay anything to play them, which seems to be the most popular choice for people right now as spending extra money on things like video games is not really an option. Especially when you have to buy them some cat food every couple of weeks as well.

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Bio: Guest Post By Author "NirraPoret" is a freelance writer who enjoys video games.She is looking forward to play " ICE AGE 4 "new game online.


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