Sammy : Trying Call to ask kyra for summer hangout !!..
Kyra : Yes Kyra here.
Sammy:Yo this is Sammy.How are you ?
Kyra: Hi Sammy am fine hope you are also.What's up ?
Sammy: Let go out for a nice hangout in this summer.What do u say ?
Kyra: Wow  that's a good idea.Sure we will go.
Sammy: Then lets meet at my spot. see u there.

Sammy was very happy because Kyra had agreed for his request.Kyra a bubbly girl with a cool attitude always fun loving.So i had planned to take her out in this summer to chilling spots in my area.She need not worry about the sun and the Uv rays since i gifted her the secret ingredient for summer protection.That's nothing but lakme sun protection things.

Kyra finally arrived and we started to chill out the sun and have a mind blowing hangout with me in this summer.I first wanted to take her for a long drive on my bike 'Harley Davidson' :).You can imagine long drive on bike how will it be i can say it will be rocking and thrilling moment for everyone so i would do that first to impress kyra.
Long drive to some hill areas like srisailam and plain long roads & the jungle around us would be awesome.
Seriously the long drive to that area will be an awesome one.Since i already had one experience to that place on my bike from hyderabad. It will be a 600km trip and that will thrill kyra alot.

1st plan to take kyra a Long Drive to srisailam

Just check out the road isn't it impressive.
Yeah that's why i would thrill her by taking her to a long drive then coming back 
next day to my place in the early morning i will be showing her the beautiful 
sunrise to kyra. 

Then i will give a small summer surprise brunch that kyra would never had in her
life before i.e a surprise dosa MLA DOSA 
Summer special a BIG DOSA :)
Then after  having a belly full  brunch i would take her for another surprise i.e Go KARTING.
Then after going to go kart we will have plenty full of time enjoying at that spot.We 
can dash cars have fun with our friends in that karting.
We can bet for a silly race against our friends in that go kart and have lots of fun.
By that i guess Kyra would be elated alot. :D
A idea of Go Karting with kyra
After a cool race with kyra then will again shift to some cool place in my area which 
spends a lot of time and feel her heart with lots of happiness.
We will visit many amusement parks and some historic places that will make her 

Golconda a Historic place
Then after a sight seeing event then we will go for the pool party to chill out the sun 
and enjoy allot.This is my favorite one.POOL PARTY :)

After continuous enjoying in the water and playing many water games till evening 
we will wind up and  next day we will play some beach volley ball as she loves 
playing sports & having some cool drinks.

Kyra will be very very happy by playing all these games and after that again some 
small swimming in the beach and play with ocean waters.

After playing in this ocean water then we will end the day and the summer hangout 
eating a world famous Hyderabad biryani.

Last but not least i will show her the lord budha in my city and make her day

How is it friends this will be the summer hangout plan with kyra.How is it ?
Hope my plan is satisfactory and it will make kyra happy.

Kyra this summer hangout plan by your sammy for you. Hope u liked it ;-)

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