Empires & Allies Guide

Zynga’s Launches Newest Game “Empires & Allies” 

Empires & Allies is an energy-driven game similar to CityVille. However, for the first time ever in a Zynga game, you will be able to battle player versus player featuring animation as you fight with or against your enemies fending off the The Dark Alliance.

First about Empire and Allies,it is Zynga's newest Facebook game since CityVille, we were admittedly expecting a "hardcore" strategy Facebook game knock-off.

Finally an strategy game came to facebook.Thanks to FaceGamers.

This Empire and Allies game consits of main members like the hero "Scarlett" and villain "The Raven".

Scarlett is the main heroic girl figure in the game.

The Raven and Captain Krunsch are the evil characters in this game.

This is an screen shot of the game,here u can see all shelter and soldiers and etc etc.

This is an aerial shot of the game..we can see the airport and head quarters.

Here the Captain Krunsch war crafts are going for an battle with opponent..Aerial screen shot.

Previously we saw the war crafts and by the airway they attack the tanks on the ground..When the health of the tank reaches zero then it will be damaged..

Finally i can show you the screen shot of the land to land attacks with people and tanks all over the field with a border line in the middle.

War battle is taking place and who ever has a different strategic game play they will win the game and can easily complete the levels of this game.

Enjoy the Strategic game provided by Zynga.