From that day i am scared of monkey's

It was a nice Sunday morning i was walking in my colony towards the temple.There i saw a mob and i rushed towards it.
Thinking what has happened ??
There it was street play going with a performing monkey and the master is shouting at it.
The performing monkey was really performing  extra ordinary stunts and drawing people's attention to its act.

The fiery monkey

And after the completion of the act the monkey itself started collecting the money from the audience catching a bowl in its hand and saluting them.
The mob was pleased to its performance and showed some sympathy on that master by giving some money to the performer.
Then the collected money was given back to its master by monkey and was standing near its master.

Saluting to mob before the accident occurred to me

Till then all went absolutely fine.

"Suddenly don't know what happened the monkey got screwed  & came running towards me and jumped on me and crawled to top of my shoulder".

I got my nerves tight and got goosebumps.Really guys that made me shiver like as if Satan is running towards me.By that i dint uttered a single word and the master was shouting ' don't move..don't move..'. I was thinking awe awe shit man i came this side unnecessarily.. 

I was shocked by that accident, i was actually in a horrible situation don't know what that monkey is doing on my shoulder.

I was like a statue when it was sitting on my shoulder,thinking if i move it would do something to me and stood for sometime.

looking for lice
I think it was looking for some lice in my head but that  monkey was not able to find any lice in my head.I just moved and it crawled down through my body.

These fiery teeth once bite me :-(

It sat for few seconds on the ground and that screwed monkey bite me in the calf muscle of my right leg. :-(

I was in a hell of pain i couldn't say to anyone thinking that elders would scold me.In that pain i went to my home clean it with Dettol antiseptic liquid and slept.That really was an fiery incident i experienced & couldn't forget it till now because the situation i faced you people can't even imagine..

Such a tragedy for me and an horrible fiery incident occurred in my life that will never be erased from my memories.

The same day when all my family members gathered for routine lunch i was sitting and dint observed my trouser was torn by the bite of monkey.They observed the bitten holes in my trouser.They asked what happened in a great voice ??
I was scared to tell a lie and told the truth that so and so was happened in the morning.

I thought my parents would beat me for what i did but they cried for what i said my mother saying to me"beta kyu chupa diya,tuje kuch huwa to hum kaha jayenga aa"holding me she cried ;-(

But my father was in a great fiery mood burning on me and scolding for what i did, of course they would be angry on me.Because on this earth the most loving persons is only our parents.May be that angry is one type of love they show.

Then my father was also crying took me and rushed towards the local veterinary doctor and took an antiseptic injection for the monkey bite.

Then came back home and my friends are also same thing teaching me a big lesson and my relatives also.I was thinking 'Oh God what is this Is this Love or Revenge ??'
 Presently i am fine till now by the grace of god and the doctor of-course :-P

Uff that was really an fiery event occurred in my life couldn't forget that freaky monkey 'from that day i am scared of monkey's'.

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  1. Though lovable creatures, Monkeys can be scary too..Well written.

  2. True said farila ji..
    They really scared me from that day.

  3. lol they were searching for lice in your head. seriously funny ....good luck for the contest buddy

  4. Funny... Of all in the mob, wondering how the monkey selected you... :-).

  5. @Spgr: Yeah :P
    As the saying says "Every Dog has its day"
    That day was mine..

  6. Hey dude, I've had to go through some scary situation when visiting Jhakoo temple in Shimla with co-wprker when giant sized Langgors were all over me but not certainly the kind you had to go through! Phew. That must have been fiery!

  7. haha :)
    Nicely conjured up!!
    Those monkeys can be fierce characters!
    Best Wishes.