Save bee's Save Humanity - Beebble

Hi Jenny (Developer at Seventh side Games) your game Beebble is really awesome just had look at the game,it is simply fantastic and the a perfect entertainer for kids and gamers.Because the game story is inspired by Sir Albert Einstein and making it really ambush for many real time game lovers.

Seventh side games have just launched their first game "Beebble" a few days ago and many people don't know  the fun of the game.Its really interesting and an innovative idea.

This game is similar to the previous well known games like Farmville,SimCity and foursquare and this game beeble is now the latest game added to that list of virtual gaming.It offers gamer the possibility to allow their virtual environment to interact with the real world location.

As is said before the game story is inspired by one of the sir Albert Einsteins theory, stating that survival of humanity rests on the bee's destiny: "If bees disappear from planet,man will only have four years to live."

Beebblestein watching Beebbles
So to save the  humanity the professor beeblestein, a crazy scientist created a new genetically modified species of bee's names the Beebles, capable of communicating the humans.During the professor's laboratory work suddenly an explosion occurred,  spreading the beebles contained in his incubator to all 4 corners of the world.
During the Experiment

So why waiting go download the free game and the gamers like you will get a chance to explore real locations around them to uncover the beebble's(bee's) who may have found themselves there after the blast.
After the blast of beebbles they scattered around the world

Scattered bee's

As well as enticing the gamers to discover the new areas of their real world,the game pushes the gamer to create communities for these bee's by placing towns within the beebble universe but positioned in the real world.
Gamer building the town for bee's

These towns will then be developed by the gamer, as well as any new gamers they make within the game  connected with Beebble.

Fully developed town of beebble

And the game provides many mind joggling levels and quests and many more which you can't expect.Here are some of the pictures who may have look at it.




Don't go for second option go for it and enjoy the game.Register yourself  download and have fun.:-)

By saving the beebbles you will save our humanity so go and be a part of the world saving :-P.
Hurry Up!
Download this Game available at the apple app store : For iPod,iPad.


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