Farmville Tricks and Tips ~ Level up Trick

How to level up the farmville levels faster !!

I am playing since many years so i can provide you some valuable tips and tricks in farmville for the players.
Now a days online games are playing as an addiction to the children and not even kids even elders and youth.
ok coming back to the "Level up Trick".

Level Up Trick

Hi farmers.. I would love to share the leveling up method with you all so that you can also achieve very higher levels. 


Step 1 : Buy as much as belted cows you can , it costs 1,000,000 coins each. It is a good investment.

Step 2 : Buy a Brand new dairy farm and fill it with your belted cows only. ( The more number of cows you have , the more amount of coins you can earn ).

Step 3 : Get as much as normal cows you can. You can get them by asking your friends to send you as a free gifts from gifts page or else buy them for 300 coins Each and make them stand outside your Dairy barn.

Calculation :- 

* Each Belted Cow gives 3000 coins per harvest. * 
So if you have 40 Belted cows in your dairy farm , 3000 X 40 = 120,000 Coins per harvest ! 
* The method is to Harvest your dairy farm MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY! 
* So Calculate yourself that how many coins you will get if you harvest your Dairy Barn 100 Times a day.

Method For Multiple Harvesting :- 

* Wait until all your normal cows which you placed on your farm ready to be harvested. ( 100% ) * 

Make sure that you have Belted Cows in your dairy barn.

 * Now put ONE of the ready normal cows inside the dairy barn with Move tool \ Hand tool. 

* You can see that your Dairy Barn will be ready to be harvested. 

* Harvest now and you will get coins.

 * Put another normal ready cow and harvest your dairy barn again.

* Repeat the above steps until all your ready normal cows are over. 

* Do these steps daily if you can. 

* So if you have 40 Belted cows in your barn and if you harvest the barn 100 times a day , you will get 120,000 X 100 = 12,000,000 coins a day. 

Like wise daily if u play you can earn a lot of fv coins in the game.

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