Candy Crush Saga For Android,iOS - Game Review

This Candy Crush Saga is most downloaded game this week. It has got over a million downloads by now and counting more as we read this article. This game is simple but very interesting even for the elders since it has got thinking appliance in the game. So it attracts every age group from our society.

So that's the reason it has been a good success in this candy games. So now the games is freely available for android users on the play store also it is available on the app store.

You can Download here :

Android Platform 
IOS Platform 

Its latest update was made on Aug 2013 this month and coming to the size of the game it varies from the device to device.

Depending on the device it varies with the size and it doesnot work on android 2.3 version i.e Gingerbread.

So you need atleast version more than gingerbread os.

I tried it on 2.3Os Version but it didnot able to download since it is not suitable for the device with that version.

So i tried it on the Galaxy note it worked well and it was nice game.

My Game score for the Candy Crush Saga on a scale of 10 - 7.5

Trailer :