My Favourite Mobile Game app's !!!

""My Favorite games in this year i played were the most exciting games i never played you can also try these on your mobiles"".                                                                                                                                              


Angry Birds :  

The Angry birds is an mobile,PC and online game which shacked the gaming world with its hype made out when it was released. I played it in my friends iOS mobile it was simply superb.
It was mind blowing graphics and the game is based on the angry birds fighting with pigs.

Call of Duty :  

While coming to the action games part we all know how amazing fps games are for the mobile. There is full high end  graphics and animations and etc they are equal to the standard of PC and xbox gaming.

Simply superb no words for this game.

 Mowgli in the jungle :  

This is available in nokia ovi store at a cost of 0$.Yeah you heard it right its absolutely free of cost.This Game is full version and has many levels and many missions.Graphics and sound are rated 8 on a scale of  10.

Mobi Archer

The game is archery based game has a 15 level games requires a touch screen oriented mobile.

Graphics are rated 8 and game play is 5.
 Overall game is 6 on a scale of 10.

Need For Speed Shift :

The NFS series latest game is the high end gaming for a mobile gaming.It is provided with fabulous graphics and game modes and missions available in the game.

This game gives you a full end satisfaction in gaming because of its motion gaming available in this game controlls.Its simply a eye catcher game of all nfs series previously present.It is beyond the imagination the graphics ans sound are simply superb.

Bounce Boing Battle :

This is a multi player game this is a different experience gaming for me because of the option available for that game.

Guess Whats that ??

OK OK ..No more puzzles..

We can play the live multi player just by switching on to our bluetooth and just play the awesome game.It requires two or more mobile which are provided with a bluetooth connection and system requirements provided indeed.Totally this game is fabulous for a multi player gaming.I enjoyed playing this game.I guess you will surely try this game.

Assassins Creed 2 :

This Game is developed by the famous game developers none another than gameloft company. 
Its is available free on the nokia ovi store.This game is really looking good even in the mobile..Its very intelligently developed in areas like controlling and the graphics oriented sections its really mindblowing you should very soon try this game.

 Block breaker 3 unlimited :

This game is a tremendous one which has many bosses to defeat and each boss will give you 10 levels.
Each level gives you more add ons for the game which will help you in improving the bar power.

Angry birds RIO :  

This Game is the second version of the previous one and it is also same game with some more modes and a change of game play developed in it.

This is also an fun game and time pass game in which all modes are enjoyable and fun watching also.I enjoyed playing this game.

World of rabbits :

World of rabbits it is a game of 10 levels each level has 3 amazing modes.Graphics are very good designed by the game developers.Each round has many obstacles to clear and very adventurous and good gameplay.

Doodle jump :

What can i say about this game it is my most favourite game in this list.It has an endless game play.It is a motion sensor game.It is a game where the doodle jumps and kills the enemies and levels up and up and gets the score.
My personal highest score is 100202 wow isn't it..Yeah i like playing this games in my mobile these are available at a free of cost in the gaming market.
Beside image are the enemies of the doodle which he likes to kill them again and again.

These are the games i liked most in this season which are available at a free of cost in the gaming world only few we need to buy..

Happy Gaming :) :p


  1. I hesitated to take this game, after carefully taking advantage BFBC2, but I'm glad I did, this game is awesome. The scrolling multiplayer is a big problem to be fixed, but people come to not pretend that did not happen before the holders of other.

  2. i like CALL OF DUTY
    it is very interesting game for playing.