Counterstrike:Global Offensive Now availabel!!

Hello folks finally valve has announced its next edition of Cs gaming and is named as "Counterstrike:Global Offensive"

Release date is to be announced very soon,as a part we all know the famous multi player game CounterStrike 1.6 has been an tremendous success in the fps gaming.

As it was a very huge success next came Cs:Source it was also a success but less when compared to the CS:1.6

Now here comes another game added to the list of Valve.
we all know value games are very famous they released many like left4dead,portal,Half life,Team fortress,Day of defeat and many other.

Now CS:GO is coming with latest maps and many visual changes and sound fx and basic fx in the game are to seen in the official feature list of valve.Which is yet to be announced after sometime.

Cs:GO is making changes to the previous de_dust map in CS1.6,Cs-CZ,CSS a new modified map is going to be provided in this new edition.

The Game is providing excellent camera positions in the game and very interesting when some one watches the spec game.
The AWP mode map is really awesome graphic oriented with many changes to the previous one maps seen in last editions.

And every single thing in the game is highlighted very beautifully it includes gun shell,bullet firing etc etc.

Isn't it awesome.Ya really Awesome work by the valve team.They focused in the graphics area and visual fx area very strictly in the end ripen fruit result .:-P

Similarly many areas are improved and many artillery is going to be introduce in the game says valve team.

Source say that Cs:go is going to be announced in the year 2k12(2012).As a die hard of Cs i am waiting eagerly for the release of the game.

In the Counterstrike:Global Offensive there are many maps and many artillery improved and added.

You can see the visuals of Counterstrike:Global Offensive really superb :).

Go! Go! Go!
About my relation with Counterstrike i am die hard fan of Cs .I have been playing since i was 16.Now i am having an 3years experience in this game and all call me by a famous nick called **WRATH** and some call me ^^HeadShot^^

I have clan and won many Competitions in lan party's and also tournaments :)

This was at the E3 held few months back there xbox and ps3 versions of CS:go was demonstrated for the gamers.Which was simply awesome and i loved it. :)

I am Just waiting for the game of release and waiting to taste the new marvellous game of the decade for 2012 that is "Counterstrike:Global Offensive" that is released now in 2012.

Seriously that is going to the rock the FPS gaming once again and fullfill the gamers happiness.:)
So am just curious for the release obviously even you all too!!

The mission of giving info to you all is done.
Mission completed
Roger that.

CounterStrike Wins :) :P :)

Check out this Kewl Video of Counterstrike:Global Offensive!!