Child of Eden PS3

"Child of Eden" is the latest game of Ubisoft.Which is going to be released tomorrow 27 Sept that is Tuesday and it is available on ps3.

Child of Eden is an unique rail shooter,where the players mission is to save Eden and bring peace and hope to Eden.

In this story game the main character highlighted is lumi she is the main character in the game.She is an female character you can see the below picture.

This game is based on total shooting experience,PlayStation and kinect players can easily play with their aim and shoot and change weapons according to the game levels.

The game is providing with latest updates in the present gaming arena with high-end graphics and music and lots of mind blowing colors and scenarios available in this game.

Few tremendous screen shots of "Child of Eden"

It is mind blowing isn't it!! Wow!! :-)

Screen Shot of Lumi simply beautiful :).

The different colors with fabulous scenarios this is an simple example more is seen in the game.

The game story lies in the unknown virus attack to eden and this happens to be known after the long nap of lumi,she seems to see a big change and that is nothing but the virus has attacked and change the whole thing.

Players mission is to destroy the virus and make the eden back to get its peace and hope and make all the rest normal.

Child of Eden is the " multi sensory shooter game" that will send players dividing to a kaleidoscopic arena of synchronised music and mind-dazzling visuals.

Ubisoft is announced its date of release and PlayStation gamers get ready to check out mind dazzling and be ambush to know more about this game.So stay connected for more updates.Hurry up go and get Ur ps3 CD tomorrow.

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