Childhood - Full of beautiful memories

The association with the nature has been started right from my childhood when i was 2years old.My says that I used to go and play in my backyard with the trees and used to enjoy a lot.
Seeing my childhood pictures made me really happy from my album.

My dad works as an journalist was busy every time so mom had been taking me and my bro to the parks and gardens.When the dad is free spending time with me.Mom says the funny words when i used to tell when i am on my dad's bike.

I used to accelerate the bike and used to say "Zuy Zuuy Zuuuy Zuuuuy Zuuuuuuuy"..Hahaha isn't it funny.

The time i used to spend with my parents in the gardens was awesome can't express my views on the happiness.The height of happiness was unimaginable,i used to be so happy that i was rolling all over the garden.

My Late Grandpa was used to tell the bed time stories so that i can have a calm sleep.He was so nice at telling stories you don't believe me even my parents used to get sleep at the soothing voice he had i cant forget those days that was one of my sweet memories.

So one day out of anxiety i had asked my grandpa to say some Horror stories,he narrated the story such way that i pissed in my pants that night.Its quite embarrassing to share but that was the day i felt scared to horror stories.Phhsst secret even now i am scared to those stories.

Daily at the time of evening return from the school i used to eat 'Guava's' and also bring my friends and used to share those with them.Since we had a big Guava tree in my house.Still now i distribute the guava to the school children who pass by my home.They feel so happy when i give them a guava.There i see a expression of smile that happiness is what which we cant buy from money.

In my childhood i used to visit many botanical gardens and rose gardens and plant exhibitions and still going.It gives us a warm and calm mind when we are roaming in such places.Personally i really like those places to the core of my heart.

And once when we went to my village we had a mango garden.Our group of boys were naughty doing all mischief things.One day when the garden keeper was laid on the bed and was in deep sleep, then we silently came into the garden and theft some mango's and suddenly he woke up and we ran away..HaHaHa the oldman was not able to catch us.But after sometime we came and returned his mango's and about to go.

The old man shouted "hey pillalu agandi (Hey children wait!)" and laughed  at us and said "lelo beta lelo(take few take few)".That time was really happy when he gave us mango's.I think the old man was happy that we returned his mango's and that's why gave us a few.

One lady was there who used to give water for children daily who ever asks.Infact she will be ready keeping a bucket full of water and who ever passes her house she used to supply water and bring our thirst down.Thanks to that lady she had done so many times to me.I cant really forget those days and help she made.

In my Gang we were few members called vinay,sridhar,khalim and bro kittu .We used to enjoy a lot playing hide and seek and a lot many games.We has to play daily and enjoy to the core.

Till now i cant forget those wonderfull memories of my childood.The Gardens and the parks and many.No one can forget these memories.Thanks Kissanpur for remembering me again my past days.Thanks again.
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